This is a rather nifty little short film about out-of-this-world technology:

Abiogenesis (Short Film) from Richard Mans on Vimeo.

===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

An Educational Trigger

A celebration gone wrong

One odd incident from the New Year celebrations: A woman in Phoenix, AZ poses for a picture with a handgun against the head of her brother. She pulls the trigger. Of course, the gun was loaded, otherwise the incident would not be in the news. But there is a bigger story […]

Expecting Different Results

Barack Obama claims that he was prevented from solving the economic crisis be the fact that he was opposed in Congress. Congress was, of course, run by Democrats in the Senate, and Democrats in the House, for Obama’s first two years. And yes, they did not vote to pass a budget — at one point, Obama’s offered budget proposal got exactly zero votes from Democrats. […]

Awestruck and Stereotyping

Commenter ACertainDoeBear sent me these two videos, both of which I found quite interesting. […]

Good makeup

Some people improve with the careful and judicious application of makeup.

This fellow … well, it depends upon your taste, I suppose: