Happy Thanksgiving

I am inclined to recap and update something I’ve said of Thanksgiving in the past. I like the idea of Thanksgiving, frankly. I have been fortunate in many ways; some of it is pure luck, but a very large amount of the good in my life comes from other people.

First among them, and no […]

Another satellite coming down

This one, the German Roentgen Satellite, or ROSAT, is anticipated to have more than one tone of material make it through re-entry, including a large, heat-resistant mirror system. […]

Follow-up to Twain’s Renaissance Yankee

Wikipedia’s article about A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court gets details of the plot rather wrong. But this bit is interesting: […]

The Return From Space

August, 2018: Very quietly—for many reasons—the deal had been struck. One side must act first… […]

The Debate Polls: Drudge vs. MSNBC

This analysis was done at the blog DeafRepublicans, and is quite interesting:

The Drudge Poll on the Debate:

The MSNBC Poll on the Debate:

Debate Poll: Dridge vs. MSNBC Sources


Bracelet Wrap

As subsequent events have shown, the original analysis was correct. She DID ask him not to use it.

Her objection: It was being used by Obama to make it seem that she was against the war effort. She wants it to be “successful.”

It’s even more starkly clear that SSgt. Jopek supports the Iraq war […]