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Obama the Competent

Some commenters have wondered: Since Obama has done so much damage, how can I call him incompetent?  I’d written:

We have, it seems to me, an incompetent, inconstant, insensitive, insidious ingrate for a president — and we are left at this point feeling thankful for the incompetence, without which he’d be even worse.

But the question was fair. It seems a thought experiment may help: Continue reading

Amendment A: Aggregate Government Service

Term limits currently apply to the president: He or she cannot serve more than 2.5 terms.  (The half term would arise in cases where the role of president was taken over because of vacancy mid-term.)  Mark Levin’s proposal for this in The Liberty Amendments runs as follows: Continue reading

Constitutional Repair

In another blog, by the estimable Citizen Tom, I engaged a pretend conservative who regularly haunts that site. The discussion post, entitled What Do We Need to Do?, raised the issue I wrote about yesterday: How do we fix the current political problems that arise from erosion of the Constitution? Citizen Tom later promoted this comment to its own blog post.

Before we get into my reply to faux conservative “scout,” let’s talk about other alternatives: Continue reading

Constitutional Concerns

The US Constitution does not need to be replaced or scrapped, as a number of folks on the left have suggested going back to President Woodrow Wilson. It does not need to be cured of its fatal flaws, so that Obama can implement redistribution of wealth and “break free” from the negative liberties placed by the founding fathers to prevent this, as Obama said in 2001.

Nevertheless, there are major problems with our current government. Some examples after a design overview: Continue reading


Google Immemorial

They were briefly shamed into it, but for most of Google’s existence this anti-US, stridently left-wing organization has refused to commemorate anything to do with the United States military.  They’ll celebrate other US holidays (see below), though often grudgingly. For example, they used the lyrics from the famous communist Woody Guthrey for Independence Day. That’s fairly excusable, as most Americans don’t realize the song’s origin, nor are they aware of other (socialist flavored) lyrics of the piece.

This  year, they’ve covered themselves by adding a tiny Memorial Day logo down the page.


It has no link, and might not even be noticed by most users. But now, technically, they can say “We DID celebrate it! What’s your problem?” No “Google Doodle” of course, and nothing like their treatment of Really Important Events like Andy Warhol’s birthday. Perhaps I should be grateful for this small morsel, and consider myself satisfied.

I’ve written about this Google peculiarity on previous occasions. The latter link busts the notion of Google skipping US holidays because they are “international.”

And in  November of 2006, I wrote about their political leanings:

Google’s givers go Democratic:

Google employees gave $207,650 to federal candidates for last year’s elections, up from just $250 in 2000 when it was still a start-up. And 98% went to Democrats, the biggest share among top tech donors, a new USA TODAY campaign finance analysis shows.
* * *
But Google giving could soar. The Silicon Valley company’s initial public offering last August minted scores of millionaires among its 3,000 workers, giving them more to lavish on politics. That makes Google a Capitol Hill force, with sharply different implications for the two main political parties, says Larry Noble, head of the Center for Responsive Politics.

It seems likely to me that this is not a coincidence. I wonder if Google’s staff, when they saw the article, might have decided to hunt down that 2%. Of course, they might have been Green Party..

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