Cruz Missiles 02: Syrian Refugees


Ted Cruz and Syrian Refugees Here is the video portion of interest, at about 16:50 in. You may wish to back up a couple of minutes and listen to his commentary as he develops the points on the screen: […]

Religious Differences


Even to a person who has never been a believer in any faith, the differences between faiths may still be observed.




This Arabic term refers to the act of declaring someone non-Muslim. It is thus similar to a death sentence, and has been used as such throughout Islamic history. When one group of Muslims decides that another group believes erroneously, they can pronounce takfir upon them and then they can be attacked and killed.This is important to Muslims, as the Qur’an contains clear instruction not to kill Muslims, and not to kill innocents: Sunnis and Shias and Salafis and Wahhabis and Qur’an-only and Ahmadis have all been treated this way from time to time, with Sunnis (as by far the most common) usually on the pronouncing side. It is, in effect, a sort of Obama/Clinton pronouncement: “That group has absolutely nothing to do with Islam!” Except… […]

Access Denied


There is a story in the news about Muslims from the UK being denied entry to the United States, supposedly because of Donald Trump’s rhetoric. There are things not mentioned in this story, however… […]



There is a group of Muslims who would fairly qualify as moderate. They have their own Caliph, and they strongly advocate peaceful coexistence with non-Muslims and other sects of Islam. They really are tolerant, not just in conversations for the benefit of gullible Westerners, but even in Arabic. This is all good news. But… […]



Moderate Islam is a phrase treated differently by different factions: […]

The Jihadist War


<a href=””>This five-minute video</a> will give you a sense of how that spread came about. It also contrasts this against the Crusades, on the same map.



The story of the Columbian cartel members “defending” a Paris restaurant from terrorists is apparently false. Other false tales that circulated after the attack are discussed after the link, which is translated by Google from a Spanish original.

It was an odd situation, twisting the old phrase “the best way to stop a bad guy […]



Led by the Obama administration, the West seems to be “outsourcing by default” in key areas: We are not evidently competent enough in the arena of cyberwarfare to attack ISIS or defend against other enemies, so we now wait flaccidly while “Anonymous” does this work for us, and the FBI reports hopefully on their progress. We no longer have the will or understanding of the world’s strategic situation to fight ISIS on the ground, so we have outsourced these battles to Russia and Iran — at our own later peril. And we increasingly demand that law-abiding citizens be stripped of the ability to defend themselves, leaving criminals as the only ones who can defend citizens in a terrorist attack: […]

Fiorina and Islam


It’s interesting to see the attacks on Carly Fiorina. Fiorina does indeed have some genuine weaknesses, but those are generally ignored by the attackers, who focus on two topics: Her speech that included remarks about Islam, two weeks after the 9/11 attacks, and her corporate leadership of Hewlett-Packard, where she was brought in just before […]