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Ideologically Stunted

A follow-up to the posts here and here on the Carney/Shipman home decorations.

Is it a requirement that the home show patriotic posters and books. No. That would have been nice, and of course unsurprising in the home of someone on the Bush or Reagan teams. But the absence of this would not have been a problem. Had Carney’s walls and bookshelves been decorated with anything else, French paintings to European classical works, this whole situation would have been unremarkable.

In the Bush and Reagan administrations, the people they surrounded himself with were a mixture of dedicated public servants, bureaucrats, and folks who genuinely love and appreciate their country. They blend into each other.

Obama has the first two categories, of course, but instead of the third, he has surrounded himself with people whose perception of America ranges from mild disdain to outright detestation and hatred. To some of them, it is possible to fix it, to remake it into a Utopian paradise in their statist model, but for others the collapse of the country into a global society is the goal. They’ve made this clear in their writings — and Obama has made clear that picking such people, after their writings make their goals evident, bothers him not at all.

Sometimes, when politically expedient, Obama will abandon a choice — but he’s unhappy about the complaints, not the America-hatred thus exposed in the candidate. From Anita Dunn to Van Jones to Debo Adegbile, Obama sees nothing wrong with his choices. And Carney and Shipman, here, saw nothing wrong with their pro-Soviet bias. It did not even occur to them that this could be an issue.

But the Obama crew is ideologically stunted in many other ways, as well.

===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle


Holder of Information

There are several pieces of information being held — and not disclosed — by most news services. In other cases, the news appeared and then was rushed off the stage as too big to ignore but too embarrassing to talk about.

The Abortion of News

There was a conviction of an abortion clinic operation for Medicare fraud and other offenses. The clinic’s building is co-owned by a gynecologist … who happens to be the “First Lady of Justice,” the wife of Attorney General Eric Holder. She was not charged — but unquestionably, as the landlord of the operation, she and her husband (and sister) received proceeds from the operation’s fraud. Had she been a Republican, this connection would be in the news night and day. But being an abortion clinic, it’s a darling of the Left, and being a close connection to Left-anointed figures, means that this is not a news item. When Tyrone Cecil Malloy’s conviction is mentioned locally, the clinic’s landlords are not mentioned. Continue reading


Beef with the USDA

This is a placeholder for a developing story. Something seems rotten … and I don’t think it will turn out to be the food.

(Update: According to an article passed along by Marmoe, the place has been “indefinitely shuttered” — and there are many complaints. Not about Rancho, but about the USDA’s actions. See this story from two weeks ago.)

The FDA went after Rancho Feeding Corporation back in January, claiming that there was one day in early January during which the inspector(s) apparently didn’t properly inspect the food going out the door. Here was the way the news was phrased back on January 13: Continue reading

Prison Break

The National Lawyers Guild

Just a few days ago, I mentioned the National Lawyers Guild (using its abbreviation NLG) to a person who portrayed himself as a lawyer involved with Constitutional issues. The NLG is a group of largely communist, America-hating lawyers and activists founded (along with the ACLU) by liberals and communists including Soviet KGB front people in the 1930s , and have spent the intervening time using the US Constitution to attack America any way they can. Continue reading


Happy New Year!

In Antarctica, there is a place along the frigid coast called Mawson Station. It is named for Sir Douglas Mawson, an Engligh-born Australian explorer who was one of the early Heroic Explorers of Antarctica. His story is quite interesting, especially his survival during one grim trip where things went south, so to speak. There is a bit of info on that in the Wikipedia article, and the story is the subject of the book Alone on the Ice: The Greatest Story in the History of Exploration. Continue reading


Mixed Mandela

[UPDATE Dec 10, 2013: I reported below that in the bill passed by the US Congress "Mandela is not mentioned specifically." He is, in the final language, which is posted by Marmoe. I regret the mistake. Marmoe's comment also provides details of the "roundabout process that would lead to prisoner release" I mentioned.  Also, I imply that Mandela, in his "evolution," distanced himself from ANC's violence early on. But even upon release from prison, he was still threatening that ANC's "armed rebellion" would continue until demands were met.]

Nelson Mandela did an excellent job as president of South Africa. He honored the notion of a limited constitutional republic, avoided wealth redistribution policies, kept the national budget close to balanced running a relatively small deficit despite extraordinary circumstances, and emphasized people coming together rather than pitting groups against each other. Mandela maintained a reasonable foreign policy and careful alliances with other countries.

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Sovereign Ciancia

From the carefully released snippets of his “note” and “literature” it would seem that Paul Ciancia, the LAX TSA shooter, is part of the Sovereign Citizen movement. The news media has not, so far, mentioned this phrase. Instead, they simply describe him over and over as “anti-government” — intending to evoke the Tea Party, also portrayed as “anti-government” (it is not, of course).

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Schizophrenic Voices

The woman who tried to breach the barricades around the White House (and perhaps the Capitol building) allegedly had a history of mental illness. You can tell that there was insanity going on: She fired seventeen shots at an unarmed person.

Well, actually, that was the police. But in any event, Miriam Carey was not in her right mind, and is no longer in her body as well.  After she slammed into the barricade, knocking down one officer, then slamming into a police care as she sped away, I can understand the officers’ excitement. They are charged with protecting President Obama, and it is a credit to their professionalism that they take this job seriously.

As many of the articles about this incident mention the mental illness and note that it was only two weeks ago that the Navy Yard killed went on his killing spree. The news media, perhaps a bit cautious, managed not to allege that the Infinity sedan was an AR-15, nor did they suggest that Ms. Carey was a conservative.  Good for them.

Mistakes were Made Continue reading


Forced into Visibility

As we’ve seen from the sequester to the shutdown to various other situations, the Obama administration has taken active steps to cause grief for two groups: conservatives and the military.

In the case of the World War II veterans attending the WWII Memorial, President Obama had a “two-fer”; they are certainly military, likely conservative, and revered by conservatives elsewhere. Merely allowing these veterans, who are in their 80s and 90s, to visit the open unguarded memorial would cost the government nothing. But President Obama refused a request to allow this, and spent extra money and used extra people to attempt to prevent the vets from paying homage to their fallen brothers.

That hasn’t worked for him, so far, despite media and Democrat spins that this is all the Republicans’ fault.  (In fact, part of it is — but that’s a separate topic.) I’ve heard today that the people guarding the monument have decided to defy the administration an allow the veterans in, on the basis of them “exercising their First Amendment rights.” Good for them.

What About the Rest of the Time?

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