Why was Japan so ruthless in Nanking?

I don’t have a “why,” exactly, to explain the situation I wrote about here. There was a long history (many hundreds of years) of Japan’s proud and fierce warriors taking as much of China as they wanted — and Korea, too.


Four Years Before the Internments

I wrote about Sun Yat Sen and Chiang Kai-shek recently. There is a grim incident that ties into the Japanese internments and Chiang Kai-shek that shaped the attitudes of millions for decades. It is STILL a sore spot in international relations. […]

Internment in North America

This was a pretty shameful thing, though many considered it grimly necessary. The country rose up in outrage against its citizens when the country of their ethnic ancestry declared war. They were excluded from coastal areas, rounded up, transported to internment camps (also called concentration camps at the time) and their possessions were sold without compensation. […]