Writing Approach

I am hardly an authority on writing. I have no published works, except for some short stories in a collection of short stories by various authors. But people have read my works and liked them, and to the extent that they were writers too, have asked about my process of developing a novel. […]

Livejournal commenting

Most of the commenting action — nearly 60,000 comments so far — take place on my LiveJournal site, as that’s where most of the readers are. You’re always welcome to comment there or here, but a larger number of readers will see (and respond to) comments there. I have always allowed anonymous comments there; the only reason I don’t do that on DeHavelle.com is the infestation of blog-focused spambots. […]

Follow-up to Twain’s Renaissance Yankee

Wikipedia’s article about A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court gets details of the plot rather wrong. But this bit is interesting: […]

The Return From Space

August, 2018: Very quietly—for many reasons—the deal had been struck. One side must act first… […]

Chicken Little Intelligence

Not politics. Science and a bit of science fiction, combined with a sad commentary on … a commentary. […]

Perry Aster

The title here, “Perry Aster,” comes in part from Texas governor Rick Perry’s appearance and rapid rise in the race for the Republican nomination. […]