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Livejournal commenting

Most of the commenting action — nearly 60,000 comments so far — take place on my LiveJournal site, as that’s where most of the readers are.  You’re always welcome to comment there or here, but a larger number of readers will see (and respond to) comments there.  I have always allowed anonymous comments there; the only reason I don’t do that on DeHavelle.com is the infestation of blog-focused spambots.

So far, in more than a decade at LiveJournal, I’ve never had to ban anyone nor delete any posts or comments, other than the rare cleanup of a spambot (especially in the earlier days of LJ).

So, feel free to join in, on the posts here on on their identical appearances in the LiveJournal blog where I have been writing for years as “Level Head” (an anagram of DeHavelle).

To get there, click the link to “Level_Head’s LiveJournal” on the right of this page.  And, if you’re seeing this on  the LiveJournal site, you can click on the right side of the page to get to www.DeHavelle.com.  Thank you for reading — I value your time and your participation.

===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

Chicken Little Intelligence

Not politics. Science and a bit of science fiction, combined with a sad commentary on … a commentary.

A satellite is preparing to re-enter the atmosphere. It is of some interest; it’s fairly big and some thousand pounds or so are expected to make it back to Earth. (Not in one piece.)

Here’s an article describing the satellite and situation. But note how sad, how pessimistic, how uninspired are so many of the commenters.

Now for the fictional part. Some years ago, I wrote a short story that involves a similar event (this time, the International Space Station). I tried to get it right, and just a couple of weeks ago a retired NASA engineer (and one of the designers of the ISS) put his stamp of approval on it.

It might help you visualize what will be happening to that satellite.

But there’s another aspect to this story, written almost a decade ago. Continue reading

Perry Aster

The title here, “Perry Aster,” comes in part from Texas governor Rick Perry’s appearance and rapid rise in the race for the Republican nomination.

But there’s another layer to the title: I’ve written a short story called “Periaster” which I’m expanding into a novel. It has two completely different meanings, and the story takes advantage of both. So the Perry title play here amused me.

The ferocity of the liberal attack on Perry — in leftist sources from the New York Times to MSNBC — shows that the left is truly worried about him. That might be good news. But various stories circulating about him are not all from the left; there are concerned conservatives as well. Continue reading