Livejournal commenting

Most of the commenting action — nearly 60,000 comments so far — take place on my LiveJournal site, as that’s where most of the readers are. You’re always welcome to comment there or here, but a larger number of readers will see (and respond to) comments there. I have always allowed anonymous comments there; the only reason I don’t do that on is the infestation of blog-focused spambots. […]

Follow-up to Twain’s Renaissance Yankee

Wikipedia’s article about A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court gets details of the plot rather wrong. But this bit is interesting: […]

The Return From Space

August, 2018: Very quietly—for many reasons—the deal had been struck. One side must act first… […]

Chicken Little Intelligence

Not politics. Science and a bit of science fiction, combined with a sad commentary on … a commentary. […]

Perry Aster

The title here, “Perry Aster,” comes in part from Texas governor Rick Perry’s appearance and rapid rise in the race for the Republican nomination. […]