Voter Fraudulent Defense

Defending voter fraud on the basis of perceived “racism” is bizarre, but we have such foolish people as Colin Powell and the occasional statist Republican senator who goes along with this. In so doing, they are fraudulently denying real American citizens their right to vote, by canceling those votes out with an illegal ones. […]

Rigging the Vote Testimony

I think that voter fraud is a substantial problem in the United States. At the same time, I think that we must be careful what we say about it, as we weaken our case by propagating information that turns out to be dubious or false. This video came to my attention again recently, though I’d seen it years ago and done some reading about the events described. In the video, a programmer named Clinton Curtis claims that he was hired by a politician (Tom Feeney) to rig touch-screen voting machines in Palm Beach County to fraudulently pick a predetermined winner in the 2000 election: […]