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Texas Gives an Education

I mentioned this yesterday (actually early this morning), but did not get the link in correctly.

Texas and Wisconsin education rankings have been compared, with the Wisconsin union teachers blasting Texas for not having union teachers. Wisconsin’s rank on the National Report Card is #2, they noted, compared to #47 for Texas.

But in fact, Texas students are doing better in almost every single regard than Wisconsin students, as Iowahawk notes. In scores in the different subjects at several grade levels, 18 scores in all, Texas beats Wisconsin in 17 of them and it’s about a draw for the last one.

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Throwing a Party some Cash

Not long ago, I was approached by a petition signature worker, who exhorted me to help stop corporations from contributing money to politics. “Unions, too?” I asked. That stopped him cold, and he sputtered to come up with how this was different. I left him sputtering.

But how heavily to corporations actually favor Republicans? It depends upon the corporation, it seems.

This list is interesting; it represents the top 140 donors of political money over the past two decades. Each of these gave over a million, with the top ones in the $50 million range.

Obviously, the top donors are not Republican in their contribution favoritism; you have to go down to #17 to get to the first one giving 60% or more to Republicans. (It’s the National Auto Dealers Assn. at 67%.)

But this list of 140 is a lot of numbers. I took a quick shot at organizing it, grouping them into Corporations, Unions, and Associations. Here’s what I came up with:

Corporations in the top 140 donors gave more cash than unions or associations, but it was much closer to balanced, with 42% of the money going to Democrats. Associations were similar, but went the other way with 55% going to Democrats.

Ah, but unions: 96% Democrat dollars. More than half a billion compared to 23 million for Republicans, a ratio of more than 21 to 1.

No wonder the fellow sputtered when I asked if unions, too, should be prevented from contributing money.

===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle