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Texas Gives an Education

I mentioned this yesterday (actually early this morning), but did not get the link in correctly.

Texas and Wisconsin education rankings have been compared, with the Wisconsin union teachers blasting Texas for not having union teachers. Wisconsin’s rank on the National Report Card is #2, they noted, compared to #47 for Texas.

But in fact, Texas students are doing better in almost every single regard than Wisconsin students, as Iowahawk notes. In scores in the different subjects at several grade levels, 18 scores in all, Texas beats Wisconsin in 17 of them and it’s about a draw for the last one.

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Perry Aster

The title here, “Perry Aster,” comes in part from Texas governor Rick Perry’s appearance and rapid rise in the race for the Republican nomination.

But there’s another layer to the title: I’ve written a short story called “Periaster” which I’m expanding into a novel. It has two completely different meanings, and the story takes advantage of both. So the Perry title play here amused me.

The ferocity of the liberal attack on Perry — in leftist sources from the New York Times to MSNBC — shows that the left is truly worried about him. That might be good news. But various stories circulating about him are not all from the left; there are concerned conservatives as well. Continue reading