Christianity and Progressivism


In a discussion at Citizen Tom’s excellent blog, he laments the loss of Christianity (along with politics) as even a topic of popular discussion. In the middle of a long and thoughtful post, with which I largely agree, he notes: […]

Tax Protesting

It was suggested to me in a separate conversation that I am a tax protester who believes that paying any taxes at all is “not right.” I was surprised at this assertion. […]

The Cain 999 Calculator

Here’s a calculator to determine the effect of the 999 plan. The page disclaims any affiliation with Cain. […]

Tax changes

A new tax plan may be simpler, more understandable, and this is very commendable on its own. But it is not possible that a new set of simple rules will have every person paying exactly what they already pay. That requires a huge amount of complex rules to accomplish. […]

The Left Defends Buffett

Interestingly, leftist media is pushing back on the claim that Buffet objects to the tax plan. Oh no, they say, the GOP is just misinterpreting what he said. […]

$50 million a year is not a lot of money

I’m amused that Warren Buffett thinks that President Obama’s “Buffet Rule” is a bad idea. […]