Another commenter, on gun rights and Obama: Yes, Obama is gonna take away your arsenal! The President can’t confiscate anything, even a B-B gun. […]

Kagan and Arms

It seems that US Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan might become a Second Amendment supporter. In a recent interview in People Magazine, she describes a surprising relationship with conservative Antonin Scalia: […]

Christian Science and Jihadists

I am not particularly familiar with The Christian Science Monitor. It does not appear to be connected to “mainstream” Christianity — and is instead evidently another Obama administration support organ, like MSNBC, but with a religious slant. […]

Billionaire Bloomerg’s Grassroots and God

Two aspects of this article about former NY mayor Bloomberg struck me: First, he asserts (and the news media blithely accepts) that you build a “grassroots movement” by spending tens of millions of dollars to finance it. Second, his relationship with God is discussed. (There’s a nice write-up of the article at The Truth About Guns.) […]

Rules for Thee

They caught the guy. He was carrying concealed on school grounds, and based upon the penalties enacted in New York State about carrying a gun in such gun-free zones, he was arrested. The story was noted by The Truth About Guns, and is implausible: […]

An Alien View of Guns

In the excellent book Wizard by John Varley, an alien whose race is physically rather larger than humans tells a human friend why the aliens want to ban guns: […]

Constitutional Disability

For some time, an email has circulated about the UN Small Arms Treaty, that it would provide a mechanism for the United Nations to force the Obama administration to take the guns of US citizens. declares the idea that the UN treaty would provide “a legal way around the Second Amendment” completely false. Why? Well, because: “…the U.S. ‘voted in favor [of the treaty only] after the Obama Administration secured its key “red line” that the treaty would have no impact on the Second Amendment.” In other words, we have President Obama’s assurance that “if you like the Second Amendment, you can keep the Second Amendment.” That is certainly reassuring. But… […]

Schizophrenic Voices

The woman who tried to breach the barricades around the White House (and perhaps the Capitol building) allegedly had a history of mental illness. You can tell that there was insanity going on: She fired seventeen shots at an unarmed person.

Well, actually, that was the police. But in any event, Miriam Carey was not […]

In the schoolyard

Several background stories on guns and law enforcement have contributed to flavor one new item on a target practice company, giving the story more buzz than it might otherwise have gotten. The background stories are: 1. The recent holding of practice “realistic urban drills” in by US military forces in American cities. This was defended as “only taking place on defunct military bases” with a link to this site. But the news at that site says otherwise, about a drill held around “the old jail” in Galveston, Texas. Could someone have been confused thinking “the old jail” mean “abandoned military base”? In any event, other drills match the same pattern of taking place in civilian populations. The same link mentions an apology for concerns raised during a drill in Houston. And there is this video news report of a drill in Miami. That news report shows the indoctrination of the media in the recent gun rights restriction push: Instead of “military helicopters,” the reporter called them “military-style helicopters.” He also described (and showed a video of) the choppers “firing blanks” at the roads below, “pinging off the nearby hi-rises.” […]

Magicians and the Disappearing Victim

“The church bell chimed ’till it range twenty-nine times, for each man on the Edmund Fitzgerald.” I’ve always liked this Gordon Lightfoot song, and it made me feel a little guilty to create The Wreck of Al Gore’s Copenhagen. Sunday, President Obama somberly read a list of victims of Adam Lanza, while mixing politics into what should have been a eulogy. He read only 26 names, as Adam Lanza’s mother Nancy, the first person he killed, was worth omitting from history for her crime of having guns at home. The bells rang only 26 times in most places, though a few rang 27 — and some pushed for 28, to include the killer himself. But for most of the “official” memorials, including the balloons with the numbers 2-6 on them, Nancy Lanza is merely the victim not worth remembering. […]