Carney Show

There’s a bit of tittering, and Twittering, on the Internet about a Washington “power couple” and the photographs of their home in a piece in the Washington puff-magazine called the Washingtonian. Most are treating the pictures as unintentionally hilarious, and I can see that — the Photoshop work is crude indeed. But something else struck me… […]

Holder of Information

There are several pieces of information being held — and not disclosed — by most news services. In other cases, the news appeared and then was rushed off the stage as too big to ignore but too embarrassing to talk about. The Abortion of News There was a conviction of an abortion clinic operation for Medicare fraud and other offenses. The clinic’s building is co-owned by a gynecologist … who happens to be the “First Lady of Justice,” the wife of Attorney General Eric Holder. She was not charged — but unquestionably, as the landlord of the operation, she and her husband (and sister) received proceeds from the operation’s fraud. Had she been a Republican, this connection would be in the news night and day. But being an abortion clinic, it’s a darling of the Left, and being a close connection to Left-anointed figures, means that this is not a news item. When Tyrone Cecil Malloy’s conviction is mentioned locally, the clinic’s landlords are not mentioned. […]

The Dodecahedron of Decency and the Wrong Champions

This cartoon by Stilton Jarlsburg from the Travon Martin verdict last year is at once both sad and amusing. The amusing part is the exposure of the meaninglessness of President Obama’s “circle of compassion” speech (and Jarlsburg goes after the “trapezoid of meaningless rhetoric” and “the dodecahedron of decency.” But the sad part, of course, is the fact that this cartoon points to a deep underlying truth: President Obama got involved for all the wrong reasons. Rather than heal, he chose to inflame and divide. […]

Right to Lie

Frequently, Fox News is attacked as having sued in court to prove that they have the right to lie and to distort the news. Here is a typical example: “As a U.S. television entity, FOX went to court (AND WON) the right to lie to their viewing audience by way of a right-leaning SCOTUS’ verdict.” […]

The Nader of Honesty

Ralph Nader is an interesting character. He is famous as a crusader, but like Don Quixote in “Man of La Mancha,” his crusades are not always against real villains. And like Quixote, his exploits have been built up in stories so that reality no longer matters much.


US Aid to Leftist Journalism

Through the State Department — an organization working at cross purposes to American interests since before the first jihadist war in 1805 — US taxpayers are funding a hard-left journalist group. The group operates in 90 countries, and the State Deparment claimed that “[s]ince 2009, Internews implemented more than 25 projects around the world for […]

Probable Cause

What’s the difference between 110,000,000 people and 5,000 people?


In one way of looking at it, one of these numbers is 22,000 times as large as the other. But the real difference in these two groups of Americans that have had their phone records obtained by the US Government without prior court approval, is […]

Yielding to Dishonesty

The New Yorker has a new issue out in which they talk about the terrible drought of 2012 and its effect upon corn crops — in the context, oddly, of 2013 being the best year in history for US corn crops. After opening with how great the harvest is right now, they talk about disaster last year: […]

Sovereign Ciancia

From the carefully-released snippets of his “note” and “literature” it would seem that Paul Ciancia, the LAX TSA shooter, is part of the Sovereign Citizen movement. The news media has not, so far, mentioned this phrase. Instead, they simply describe him over and over as “anti-government” — intending to evoke the Tea Party, which they also try to portray this way. […]

Haunted Manson

When you have a story to tell, the truth is inconvenient indeed. Here are some headlines out there if you search for “Jules Manson” and limit the search to the past week. Note the emphasis on Tea Party, including “Tea Party darling” — but few indeed give any hint that this story is from two years ago. In some cases, the dates have been blanked out. The story is being treated as breaking news: […]