The Arctic Joule, One Year Ago

Hmm. This was scheduled to post in August, and never did.

A bit over a year ago, the Arctic Joule full of four tense young rowers was crossing the strait from the Lady Franklin Point — and was bailing out, at the not-quite-halfway mark. By the 28th of August, they were out of the water […]

Arctic Joule Ending Charts

Here’s the spreadsheet and charts as of their arrival today in Cambridge Bay.

Click on the thumbnail for the full PDF.

I’ve traveled further yesterday than the crew did on their entire journey, but I had a rather easy time of it. In any event, there will probably be some final wrap-up post from […]

99 K from the Bay

The crew of the Arctic Joule are now blogging openly about their planned end when they reach Cambridge Bay: […]

Surviving the Storm

The Arctic Joule is moving again. From their blog (and that weather report!) the winds were quite fierce. And they’ve reported a bit of controllability issue going through the Dease Strait. The chart PDF is here, with the front page snapshot here. […]

Frosty with bitter blasts

And that’s just the FaceBook page for the MainstreamLastFirst expedition. I’ve updated the chart and the screen shot, even though the crew is still tied down on the north short of the Dease Strait and unable to move due to heavy winds. But I confess to being disappointed by the behavior, evidently approved by the management, of commenters at the MLF page. […]

Centerboard Overboard, Bailing Out

The voyage of the Arctic Joule will come to an end in the next few days, just shy of the halfway mark. I can’t blame the fellows: It’s been quite a difficult run for them as a result of adverse winds and a boat design not quite appropriate for the attempt. (Too much wind area; they were effectively rendered impotent by any headwind at all.) […]

White Fox, Black List

Before today’s update, I’ll relate an odd situation that has just occurred. Based upon an overwhelming number of complaint (i.e., one person), I’ve been booted off the MainstreamLastFirst FaceBook page, and my comments detailing the status and numbers of the Arctic Joule crew have been removed. The reason is that, elsewhere on this site, you […]

Pushing and Pulling in the Arctic

The crew of the Arctic Joule continues to push ahead in the Arctic, and they’ve had a pretty good last couple of days (August 15-17). They’re now on shore just north of Bernard Harbor (not much but a little airstrip) and will be passing Chantry Island soon. I’ve added a new chart to show their progress a different way. […]

Arctic Joule Calcs

I’ve updated how the Arctic Joule spreadsheet works, to give the rowing team (Facebook page here) every benefit of the doubt. This was after a considerable and interesting discussion of methodology and philosophy with my German friend Marmoe in the comments here, who digitized an Arctic route and sent me coordinates. Many changes were made […]

Good Speed in the Arctic

The Arctic Joule has had a good day. They actually hit more than 7kph in the last day, a first for the trip. Click to enlarge the chart below: