This one is trickier, as I have mixed feelings about the issue:



The “Conception post” was a follow-on to answering a series of questions posted at Citizen Tom’s blog. The questioner is a commenter who goes by the moniker “mastersamwise” — and he asked these questions:


FairTax 4: Losses

Tbe original poster wrote: “As a side-issue vaguely related to this, does anyone else detect a surge in the entrepreneurial spirit with people coming up with new ideas, putting them up on kickstarter, getting prototypes made through 3D printing or other means of manufactury, and not having to go through major corporations?” No. (I explained.) […]

The Lochner Era

The Lochner Era is a period of time in the history of the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) from 1905 to 1937. This period is described as horrible judicial conservative activism by progressives, and some nominally conservative folks too. Others describe it as a valiant defense of the Constitution and free enterprise from the rise of virulent progressive regulatory schemes. I’m in the latter category. […]

The Switch in Time that Saved Nine

The relationship between the new Republican majority in Congress to Obamacare has been much discussed. Folks following the history of US Supreme Court decisions will perhaps remember when Justice Roberts changed his mind on a crucial decision under pressure from the White House, and rendered the crucial swing vote that had the country in an uproar. […]

Kagan and Arms

It seems that US Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan might become a Second Amendment supporter. In a recent interview in People Magazine, she describes a surprising relationship with conservative Antonin Scalia: […]

Chevron Fraud

This is an interesting case that has been litigated for a long time. It is essentially Chevron against a coalition of environmentalists and their attorneys, who initially won an $18 billion judgment against the energy company. But that has changed. Now, in the face of massive fraud by the environmentalists, the court has reversed the judgment and has required the fraudsters to pay Chevron’s legal bills. […]

Right to Lie

Frequently, Fox News is attacked as having sued in court to prove that they have the right to lie and to distort the news. Here is a typical example: “As a U.S. television entity, FOX went to court (AND WON) the right to lie to their viewing audience by way of a right-leaning SCOTUS’ verdict.” […]

Constitutional Disability

For some time, an email has circulated about the UN Small Arms Treaty, that it would provide a mechanism for the United Nations to force the Obama administration to take the guns of US citizens. declares the idea that the UN treaty would provide “a legal way around the Second Amendment” completely false. Why? Well, because: “…the U.S. ‘voted in favor [of the treaty only] after the Obama Administration secured its key “red line” that the treaty would have no impact on the Second Amendment.” In other words, we have President Obama’s assurance that “if you like the Second Amendment, you can keep the Second Amendment.” That is certainly reassuring. But… […]

International Cash Flows

A couple of items caught my attention, all in the vein of money flowing on the global scale: the Palestinian Stash, the Cypriot Cash, and the Brockovich Caper. […]