Iran for Help


The US, specifically the Obama administration, is indeed helping Iran in many ways: […]

War Crimes and Prejudice


This is a detailed analysis, with lots of evidentiary support, of the actions of Israel during the recent Hamas-Israel conflict. It is done through the lens of international law and conventions. An excerpt, after details specific events:


What is Barack Obama?

Many people accuse President Obama if being a Muslim, even a radical Muslim. I do not agree. Obama is a radical of sorts, but not a “radical Muslim” in my opinion. First, he is technically a Muslim by dint of his education (for a few years) in Indonesia; though he was young, it is enough for them to lay claim upon him. But I do not think this is true in Obama’s own mind. He is a non-strategic amateuristic pragmatist, in that he is all to willing to lie for even the shallowest purposes of the moment, giving little thought to what new lies he might have to tell in an hour or a day to cover for this lie. It clearly applies to so much of his daily activity, and I believe it applies to his religion as well. […]

Underserved Group: Jihadists


Two events occurred in recent days which are connected. Both involve the Ikhwan, the Muslim Brotherhood. […]

Pride and Prejudice


There are many statements that have been treated with varying degrees of outrage in recent times. Some of this outrage is rather overblown. I’ve collected a few of them: […]

Subway’s Stunning Decision

Recently, I wrote about Subway in the UK and their decision to offer only Muslim-accepted sandwiches. Marmoe noted that I incorrectly referred to “all” Subway stores in the UK. It wasn’t all of them, and is apparently a decision that Subway makes, store-by-store, based upon how much pressure they receive from Muslims. I apologize for the error. Some details follow: This practice dates back to 2007, according to this Daily Mail article (with obnoxious ads, cookies and delayed auto-start sound). It affects about 200 stores in the UK, but Subway has been extending this to other areas. In addition to Ireland, they are also banning all non-Muslim-approved foods in at least some Netherlands stores and this practice is probably spreading as Islamic immigration into northern Europe continues to grow… […]

Hate Speech Evolves


England is getting quite serious about efforts to avoid causing any offense to Muslims. Muslims, unlike, say, Christians, will kill you for offending them, and the legislators in the UK apparently respect this quite a bit. Of course, my comment does not apply to all Muslims, but the fraction to whom it does apply is significant, and very visible when “provoked” by anything that is perceived to insult their faith. […]

Christian Science and Jihadists

I am not particularly familiar with The Christian Science Monitor. It does not appear to be connected to “mainstream” Christianity — and is instead evidently another Obama administration support organ, like MSNBC, but with a religious slant. […]

US Politics and Christianity

In Citizen Tom’s blog, he wrote a post entitled “Three Things You Probably Don’t Know about Islam.” In the discussion that followed, Citizen Tom wrote:

What makes the Bible different is that it promotes freedom of religion. Jesus told us to render unto Caesar what Caesar’s and God what is God’s. The Bible says that […]

Benghazi Insider


I am communicating with Matthew VanDyke, described as “an American who fought with Libyan rebels to oust Gaddafi.” He wrote to BusinessInsider right after the Benchazi consulate attack with a theory about what happened, and again this week stating that he’d been proven largely correct. He is a Mensa member, and there is a LinkedIn forum only accessible to members. Here’s what he said: […]