Japan’s Recovery, One Year Later

This very striking set of images shows Japan’s recovery, so far, from the earthquake and tsunami that occurred one year ago. […]

Why was Japan so ruthless in Nanking?

I don’t have a “why,” exactly, to explain the situation I wrote about here. There was a long history (many hundreds of years) of Japan’s proud and fierce warriors taking as much of China as they wanted — and Korea, too.


Four Years Before the Internments

I wrote about Sun Yat Sen and Chiang Kai-shek recently. There is a grim incident that ties into the Japanese internments and Chiang Kai-shek that shaped the attitudes of millions for decades. It is STILL a sore spot in international relations. […]

Sun Rise

He really was born in the 60s, though not in the year indicated by the Hawaiian birth certificate. […]