I listened to Benyamin Netanyahu’s speech. His message boiled down to: […]

Israel and MLK

It is interesting to me that so many on the Left are hostile to the nation of Israel, and willing to line up on the side of Palestinian terrorists. On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, his thoughts on Israel are significant: […]

War Crimes and Prejudice

This is a detailed analysis, with lots of evidentiary support, of the actions of Israel  during the recent Hamas-Israel conflict. It is done through the lens of international law and conventions. An excerpt, after details specific events:


Pride and Prejudice

There are many statements that have been treated with varying degrees of outrage in recent times. Some of this outrage is rather overblown. I’ve collected a few of them: […]

Next Year, In Jerusalem

Candidate Obama made an appeal to a Jewish group in the US in June 2008: BARACK OBAMA: “Jerusalem will remain the capital of Israel, and it must remain undivided.” […]