Bountiful Food

A brief follow-up on that lead image from the Washingtonian Mom section on Jay Carney and Claire Shipman I wrote about this morning. It is somewhat ironic that Shipman’s new book stresses the importance of confidence over competence. The resulting article seems to be a result of lack of competence, boldly proclaimed. […]

Karen Kraushaar, Registered Republican

Incidentally, Karen Kraushaar of Germantown, Maryland, the famous “Registered Republican” touted in the news during the Cain fiasco, and the woman I’m talking about in the previous post, has made only one political contribution in her life according to the site below. You will not be surprised to learn that it was to the Democrat National Committee: […]

IRS Progressively Worse

The IRS scandal was dropped last week by progressive media, but is now getting some “legs” by virtue of the allegation that the IRS targeted “progressive” groups too. The problem is that this is false. And there is an absolutely bizarre coincidence that links the government source of the Democrats’ position today, the media-darling attacker that took Herman Cain’s candidacy down, and the official government defender of the Clinton administration taking Elian Gonzalez from his Miami family at gunpoint to force him back to Cuba. They’re all the same woman. […]