Another commenter, on gun rights and Obama: Yes, Obama is gonna take away your arsenal! The President can’t confiscate anything, even a B-B gun. […]

Left-Facing Roof

Because Dylann Roof was decidedly leftist in his thinking (manifesto here), he is being blamed upon conservatives. Leftists, following Marx and explicitly advocated by Marxist “critical theory,” view everything in terms of race. They are so far lost in this mindset that they strongly believe, against all evidence, that Constitutional conservatives are racist by nature. […]

Billionaire Bloomerg’s Grassroots and God

Two aspects of this article about former NY mayor Bloomberg struck me: First, he asserts (and the news media blithely accepts) that you build a “grassroots movement” by spending tens of millions of dollars to finance it. Second, his relationship with God is discussed. (There’s a nice write-up of the article at The Truth About Guns.) […]

Disinformation: Giving Ammunition to Conspiracists

I see that Marmoe has reported on my “disinformation.” He points out, correctly, that a website gets a number wrong on the amount of ammunition purchased on one document. Yes, someone misread a number (rather foolishly) and overestimated the ammunition requisitioned by that particular solicitation. But I had not mentioned that document, and did not rely upon it. […]

Contrasting attitudes

Decades ago, I was the only non-pot-smoker machinist on the crew of a high-precision machine shop that made aerospace parts, including pieces for the new project that would become the Space Shuttle. When I was moved to the big Brown and Sharpe vertical mill, I encountered a cartoon taped inside the lid of the day […]

Assault Weapons Ban

Scary Weapons What, exactly, does the Left mean by “assault weapons”? Evidence is abundant that this expression means to them “anything that could hurt someone” (i.e., anything capable of self defense). Senator Feinstein’s bill clearly denotes a raft of guns to be banned based upon their scary appearance, furthering the silly notion that a bullet fired from a black gun is inherently different from a bullet fired from a brown one. Or that a bullet fired from a rifle with a pistol grip will do something different from the same bullet coming from a gun with no such grip. Stupid, isn’t it? It is just military style that seems to bother them. “Who needs military weapons?” she says. Of course, a gun styled to look like one made for the military, painted black or camoflage, is still s civilian weapon, and is not of course an “automatic” weapon or machine gun. It’s just emotions. But… […]

Sandy Hacks

I’m not one for conspiracy theories. I’m not much fun for those folks sending around the latest breathless email with “did you know that …?” nonsense. Most of it, at least, is nonsense, and I enjoy hunting down the answers when time permits. But this business of the CNN footage of Sandy Hook is odd, and I must grant that the conspiracists have a point. (DigitalJournal seems to be the original source for this info. Now that I’ve seen the DigitalJournal piece, I recognize that I’m simply confirming their story.) […]

Resource Officers

Two tidbits relating to the arms rights attacks by the Left: (1) Wayne Pierre of the NRA suggested that schools should have arms guards, a notion that was instantly vilified and ridiculed by the Left. (2) Obama adopts the NRA proposal for increased armed guards in schools, in a speech which was portrayed as “one of his greatest” by the same Left. […]

An Educational Trigger

A celebration gone wrong

One odd incident from the New Year celebrations: A woman in Phoenix, AZ poses for a picture with a handgun against the head of her brother. She pulls the trigger. Of course, the gun was loaded, otherwise the incident would not be in the news. But there is a bigger story […]

Canadian Gun Control

This article is biased in favor of gun ownership, but is nevertheless interesting: […]