A commenter on Citizen Tom’s blog makes a point against “liberals.” In so doing, he enlisted Darwin as supporting their idea. His quote is below, followed by my response: […]

Politics and Evolution

I am a bit reluctant to get into this topic, because many of the people whose fellowship (and political alliance) I value are creationists of one form or another. Generally, they’re often better people although not specifically for that reason. But, here goes:


Chicken of Turkey

A brief note on a telling dichotomy:

When the left describes something they don’t like about Christianity or Judaism, they are not shy about it. They’ll even pin bombings or shootings on “Christian terrorists” or “Tea party” people ( which to many on the left seems synonymous), before any evidence is in hand at all. […]

Craig Venter’s IPO

Crag Venter’s IPO doesn’t exist, in fact. But this eight-page story in New York Times Magazine is full of such adulation for the man that it seems most lilkely a build-up for an investment offering. Perhaps Venter is seeking private investors, and needed a boost in visibility. […]

Neanderthals Sophisticated Humans

I write here for my own amusement. (And I’m right here for your amusement too, perhaps.) While I make typographical mistakes (and appreciate the corrections and catches!), I strive to avoid them, and I do try to be careful with facts. […]

Evolution versus the Theory of Evolution

Marmoe asked a couple of questions; the answers got long: […]

Intelligent Design and Global Warming Catastrophism

Marmoe asked a couple of questions; the answers got long: […]