Egypt Military: Morsi Gone

Unconfirmed report:

The Egyptian army has reportedly relieved Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi of his authority, informing the Muslim Brotherhood-linked official at 7 p.m. local time that he was no longer president. At a press conference called shortly afterward, Abdul Fatah Khalil Al-Sisi outlined a roadmap that the army said would “put[] an end to the […]


This image is supposed to commemorate the horrible 400 parts per million of carbon dioxide — which means we are now at about 1/20th of the level at which green plants evolved. But to me, it has a very different connotation:


Candid Camera in Egypt

Being an actor in Egypt’s version of Candid Camera is a dangerous business, apparently. Here, the “joke” is for various Egyptian celebrities (apparently actors, actresses and comedians) to suddenly think that they are on an Israeli TV channel. The woman interviewee’s reaction is to stop the process and apparently storm out; the mens’ reaction is to physically attack the crew. One had his hand on his gun, but was told that it was a prank before he drew and fired. […]