Paul Ryan’s Budgets

Paul Ryan, Republican representative from Wisconsin and the 2012 Republican candidate for vice president, is considering a run for president in 2016. Perhaps I should be happier about this, but I have some problems with Congressman Ryan… […]

Minimum Wage, Maximum Impact


I was challenged in another forum recently because I had indicated that fewer than 5% of the workforce was at minimum wage. She had heard differently: […]

Communist Failure Equals American Success


The communists at are heartbroken, as right-to-work laws are allowing workers to make a choice about whether or not to join the union. And most horribly of all (in their minds it is “a nightmare”), people are investing and opening businesses and creating jobs as a result: […]

The Failure of Mutually Assured Destruction


For decades, the Soviet Union and the United States held each other at bay in an uneasy stalemate. It was an active, “hot” war despite the “cold war” moniker, and each side lose thousands of troops. But it never broke into a nuclear conflagration, because each side realized the destruction that would come from it. And that once begun, it could not be undone. The Soviet and American leaders were, in a sense, much alike. Neither side would risk it, though both got very good at the brinkmanship involved. This concept does not work at all if one side are suicide bombers. They plan to die; it’s merely a question of doing the most damage on the way out. […]

Future Generations of WWII Veterans


The title seems absurd, doesn’t it? Here is the reason for the closure of the World War II Memorial, as reported by Erin McPike of CNN:

“I know that this is an open-air memorial, but we have people on staff who are CPR trained, (and) we want to make sure that we have maintenance crew […]

Global Warming Causes Flooding

In this case, a flood of EPA legislation. The Obama administration plans a glut of new EPA rules implemented by fiat, since some of them have already failed to become law in Congress, and the rest are so bad that they’ve never even been voted upon or in many cases even offered. […]

A follow-up to the Clinton Collapse of 2000

Despite its prevalence in the news and in the Obama campaign that Bush inherited a great economy in 2001 and ruined it, the events of the time were very different. When I first saw this fallacy repeated, I thought “The economists will set the reporter straight.” No — everyone the media was willing to talk about jumped on this bandwagon, and it is part of the narrative that Obama relied upon in 2008, and must keep you convinced of today. […]

Roaring Ambition

I’m sort of out of commission at the moment, and thus amendments must wait a day. But this writing is relevant, as one of the largest economic problems we face is the burden of a huge debt, now on its way to $18 trillion. […]

Bread and Circuses

In the original Latin, panem et circenses. The Roman we call Juvenal (Decimus Iunius Iuvenalis) wrote of this issue 2,150 years ago. He complained that in his recent times, “we sold our vote to no man,” but that Roman politicians had since devolved to providing the masses with welfare and entertainment. This sapped their will, lost them their dignity, and kept people in office solely for what bribes they could arrange for the crowd from the public coffers. […]

If at first you don’t succeed

My experience with the Social Security Administration was interesting. I spent one week a month there training their team of programmers, back when microcomputers were relatively new.

The team leader had a prominent sign in his cubicle office: If at first you don’t succeed Get a government job Then you don’t have to try anymore