A commenter asked why the slaughter of blacks in South Carolina recently was not used for browbeating like the Orlando slaughter and all the others. Here was my reply: […]


Paris and hundreds of smaller river towns in France are experiencing two kinds of massive flooding. The first is of immigrant refugees from the Middle East and North Africa, almost entirely young male Muslims. But the second is the more traditional flooding; it has museums and other places scrambling to protect valuables. The worst seems […]


I had always considered it likely that Ted Cruz, like Ronald Reagan, would not be successful his first time out. He got so much closer than I originally expected, though I was always hoping he’d make it all the way. Indiana was the one door that remained locked to him. […]


Trump and the Establishment

Trump is being touted as an “anti-Establishment” guy, an outsider. This sounds good in principle; the Republican Establishment (and the fact they they act more Establishment than Republican) has been deeply disappointing. But the Establishment types have based their actions on careers of being bought by special interests. Trump’s career is […]


Led by the Obama administration, the West seems to be “outsourcing by default” in key areas: We are not evidently competent enough in the arena of cyberwarfare to attack ISIS or defend against other enemies, so we now wait flaccidly while “Anonymous” does this work for us, and the FBI reports hopefully on their progress. We no longer have the will or understanding of the world’s strategic situation to fight ISIS on the ground, so we have outsourced these battles to Russia and Iran — at our own later peril. And we increasingly demand that law-abiding citizens be stripped of the ability to defend themselves, leaving criminals as the only ones who can defend citizens in a terrorist attack: […]

Lithium Love

Very odd. A blog supposedly maintained by alleged Oregon shooter Chris Harper-Mercer writing as “Lithium_Love” doesn’t sound like the sort of person likely to commit such an atrocity. Nor does his writing seem to line up with Harper-Mercer’s background: a mixed-race 26-year-old born in England, had been in a school for students with “learning disabilities and emotional problems” (graduating in 2009), a major fan of the Irish Republican Army, with one of his two MySpace friends being a jihadist-connected Los Angeles Muslim. The friend, Mahmoud Ali Ehsani, has pictures of jihadists from many countries, and wrote in a caption on one of them: The Mujahideem of Palestine…My brothers and sisters keep on doing your thing. Allahu Akbar….my brave soldiers keep on fighting against Israel. F*ck Israel. Kill the Jews. jews are the only infidels Here is a bunch of captured images from Ehsani’s profile. Ehsani’s profile would be believable as a mass murderer, and so would the IRA fan Harper-Mercer. But… […]

Death to Normies (Updated 10/1/2015 9pm Pacific)

This post is about the horrific Oregon school shooter. […]

Found One!

The media have finally found a “right-wing, Christian” mass murderer. (Though he was also evidently a fan of Democrat/Gore-supporter Fred Phelps of “God Hates Fags” fame.)

Expect to see endless assertions on mass media that Houser is “typical” of conservatives, Tea Party members, Republicans, Christians, the right wing, legal gun owners, and so on.

Just […]

Left-Facing Roof

Because Dylann Roof was decidedly leftist in his thinking (manifesto here), he is being blamed upon conservatives. Leftists, following Marx and explicitly advocated by Marxist “critical theory,” view everything in terms of race. They are so far lost in this mindset that they strongly believe, against all evidence, that Constitutional conservatives are racist by nature. […]


Citizen Tom wrote a post about the Ferguson fiasco and the subsequent “searing” report, entitled “When Liars Refuse to Give Up.”

The commenter “scout” was confused about the word “liars” (among other things). I was not: