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Billionaire Bloomerg’s Grassroots and God

Two aspects of this article about former NY mayor Bloomberg struck me: First, he asserts (and the news media blithely accepts) that you build a “grassroots movement” by spending tens of millions of dollars to finance it. Second, his relationship with God is discussed. (There’s a nice write-up of the article at The Truth About Guns.)

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Rules for Thee

They caught the guy. He was carrying concealed on school grounds, and based upon the penalties enacted in New York State about carrying a gun in such gun-free zones, he was arrested. The story was noted by The Truth About Guns.


A man with a concealed carry permit, notified by police that the school was in lockdown mode, gathered up children and protected them in a room — and didn’t check to see if he had his gun on him as he waited. He “totally forgot” that he had it on:

“Mental lapses happen,” Giles said. “Things happen. It’s an unfortunate mistake. Dwayne was not conscious that he was in school with a gun.”

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An Alien View of Guns

In the excellent book Wizard by John Varley, an alien whose race is physically rather larger than humans tells a human friend why the aliens want to ban guns:

“… Yet we have a love-hate relationship with your species. We admire and sometimes envy the fire of your emotions. Each of you has a streak of violence, and we accept that. It’s easier since we are so much larger; without a gun, there is little chance any of you could harm any of us. One of the things we would like to do is ban those equalizing weapons. Lacking the spur of aggression, we cannot afford to let you be our physical equals.”

It occurs to me that my elite friends on the left probably think along much the same lines … but with less affection.

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Now Scoping Americans

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We are relaxing to the idea of every communication between us being monitored by a government that considers the other political party to be “enemies.”  (Isn’t it odd that President Obama will talk about compromises with Iranian jihadists, but not with Republicans?)

As has been revealed recently, NSA has off-shore sites making their gathering of email lists from Americans technically legal. So, despite recent court activity and supposed “executive actions,” this would not be affected: Continue reading

Probable Cause

What’s the difference between 110,000,000 people and 5,000 people?


In one way of looking at it, one of these numbers is 22,000 times as large as the other. But the real difference in these two groups of Americans that have had their phone records obtained by the US Government without prior court approval, is probable cause. From the US Constitution’s Fourth Amendment: Continue reading


Constitutional Disability

For some time, an email has circulated about the UN Small Arms Treaty, that it would provide a mechanism for the United Nations to force the Obama administration to take the guns of US citizens. Snopes.com declares the idea that the UN treaty would provide “a legal way around the Second Amendment” completely false. Why? Well, because:

“…the U.S. ‘voted in favor [of the treaty only] after the Obama Administration secured its key “red line” that the treaty would have no impact on the Second Amendment.”
In other words, we have President Obama’s assurance that “if you like the Second Amendment, you can keep the Second Amendment.” That is certainly reassuring. But…

Schizophrenic Voices

The woman who tried to breach the barricades around the White House (and perhaps the Capitol building) allegedly had a history of mental illness. You can tell that there was insanity going on: She fired seventeen shots at an unarmed person.

Well, actually, that was the police. But in any event, Miriam Carey was not in her right mind, and is no longer in her body as well.  After she slammed into the barricade, knocking down one officer, then slamming into a police care as she sped away, I can understand the officers’ excitement. They are charged with protecting President Obama, and it is a credit to their professionalism that they take this job seriously.

As many of the articles about this incident mention the mental illness and note that it was only two weeks ago that the Navy Yard killed went on his killing spree. The news media, perhaps a bit cautious, managed not to allege that the Infinity sedan was an AR-15, nor did they suggest that Ms. Carey was a conservative.  Good for them.

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