High Rise in Performance

This caught my eye. Computer chips have long been increasing in performance, but always seem to be on the edge of running out of how much further they could go. How small could the components be? How fast? How tightly can they be stacked? They’ve been pressed into ever-smaller surfaces at ever-higher densities.

But now […]

Now Scoping Americans

We are relaxing to the idea of every communication between us being monitored by a government that considers the other political party to be “enemies.” (Isn’t it odd that President Obama will talk about compromises with Iranian jihadists, but not with Republicans?) As has been revealed recently, NSA has off-shore sites making their gathering of email lists from Americans technically legal. So, despite recent court activity and supposed “executive actions,” this would not be affected: […]

Soft storage

This article caught my attention, and combines my interests in bioscience, computer science, and Shakespeare: […]

Livejournal commenting

Most of the commenting action — nearly 60,000 comments so far — take place on my LiveJournal site, as that’s where most of the readers are. You’re always welcome to comment there or here, but a larger number of readers will see (and respond to) comments there. I have always allowed anonymous comments there; the only reason I don’t do that on DeHavelle.com is the infestation of blog-focused spambots. […]

The Death of Music

Or at least, the death of the music industry is fort0ld in this article. While the author perhaps overstates the case in some respects, the concerns certainly seem valid to me. And it doesn’t take the usual angle of “the kids’ music is terrible” — he comes at this from a different direction.

A good […]

The July 9 DNS Changer attack

Many news outlets have been talking about a virus and July 9. This connection is a bit peculiar: The virus doesn’t take effect then, but a government “patch” that has been supplying service will be removed that day (tomorrow). This is a bit complicated, but you can check quickly to see if you have a problem by clicking here: […]

LJ Archive Fixed!

This is good news, and solves a problem that’s been annoying me for almost a year. The LJArchive utility, that did an excellent job downloading LiveJournal entries and comments into a searchable form, broke last year. LiveJournal had made some changes internally to deal with DOS attacks, and the downloader for LJArchive would no longer work. […]

The End of General-Purpose Computing

Some years ago I wrote a near-future story in which computers had fallen into disfavor. Not in the manner of Dune, but somewhat related to that.

In our own lives, the last few years have seen computers becoming increasingly present. On Christmas day, I watched as several young people present sat with their devices, absorbed […]

Facebook Scam: Islamic Friends

Because of my long-time use of email — same email address for more than fifteen years — I get a lot of spam. One type that has surged in recent days is a peculiar Facebook/LinkedIn scam. The email purports to be from Facebook, informing you that “<Islamic/Arabic name> wants to be friends.” While it’s identified […]

Internet Privacy

Two things came to my attention together on the topic of Internet privacy: G-Mail Man and a billrequiring that your Internet habits be tracked. […]