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The Music of the Fears: “The Wreck of Al Gore’s Copenhagen”

For the next week, I will post a bit of Climategate-themed music. The first pieces were written two years ago. Later in the week, I’ll tinker (carefully) with the Christmas theme and see what I can do with that.

So here’s the first one (with apologies to Gordon Lightfoot’s excellent work):

The Wreck of Al Gore’s Copenhagen

The legend is stored on the ClimateAudit board
Of the source code and CRU emails
A hacker they said sent the zip file that led
To reveal, that November, the details Continue reading

ClimateGate 2.0


5,000+ more emails, and hundreds of thousands of more to be released at some future time.  [Update] So far, these appear to be an additional release from the same November 2009 ClimateGate harvest.  The Guardian has a story up.

There is also a set of documents, mostly Word but some in WordPerfect, going back quite a few years.  One talks about Windows 3.1 configurations.

Gut feeling so far: There will be no major surprises for people following this; the bias and shady approaches and attempts to hide results are familiar to anyone who is familiar with the Global Warming cause.  Amusingly, there are quite a few explicit references to “the cause” between the scientists — “you’re not helping the cause!” if you stray from the catastrophist line.

===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle