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Red Pawn

We — the Western world’s businesses and governments — have been under attack for years by the Chinese communist regime.  A decade ago, the code name “Titan Rain” was little known, but other code names such as “Byzantine Candor” and “Moonlight Maze” went back years before, for Chinese government attacks on the Pentagon dating to at least March of 1998.  Russia was involved too, and only Russia was talked about in this 1998 Newsweek article — but the Chinese attacks dwarfed the Russian ones. Continue reading

Catastrophes, Then and Now

A comment from Digital_Knight: I take it you don’t put a lot of stock in predictions of crisis?

Well, it depends upon the data. I did not place reliance on the Y2K crisis predictions, as I too was in IT (as this post mentions).

I think that the global warming catastrophists are hugely overstating the effects of an increase in CO2, which in practice are not likely to be measurable within the noise limits of the system. In order to make it seem that the last few years have been the hottest on record, that record has had to be altered in a way that would be criminal under other circumstances. But it produces the answer that the customer (primarily governments and green interests) pay for, and will last a while longer yet.

There are many bad effects of global warming:
— the corruption of science, a la NASA, NOAA, the CRU, the IPCC and many other places formerly of high integrity;
— the cost to economies of new green taxes/carbon caps and the like, resulting in less economic energy and resources going to useful things;
— the swelling of government in size and in regulatory trappings to save us from this “crisis”;
— the acceptance of attempts at extortion and fraud between countries;
— and the defense of all of this by good people, who have been taken in and are then dug into their positions.

On top of this, the debt (which people confuse with deficit) seems to be an irreparable, and fragile, threat to the United States. We are one trigger-pull by China (which could be involuntary on their part) away from a tremendous uproar that would bring us to a near-standstill, and cost a great many lives through starvation and misery, quite independent of any war.

China is faltering, itself, and is taking extraordinary steps to keep “looking good” while hoping they can repair their internal problems. That could result in the involuntary trigger pull.

These things amount to a crisis, I think, but not in the same way as the catastrophists believe.

===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

The History of the Prior Boom and Bust

I’ve written about this before, prior to the last election, as the same false narrative was being played out as now: that Bush inherited a giant surplus, wasted it, and then the market collapsed as a result. We should remember what happened to us.

We don’t.

We are told a new memory to replace the old — and it’s repeated enough to become what we think actually happened. We’re told that all eight years were wonderful under Clinton, and bad under Bush. Continue reading

Hunting Polar Opposites

I’ve written about polar bears before — first a bit of poetry for a friend, and then shortly thereafter a longer piece when I dug into the science involved.

I remember when President Clinton signed a bill to allow the taking of polar bears by US citizens as trophies. (The increasing polar bear population is something of a nuisance — and danger — around some human habitations.)

The Chinese have followed in Bill Clinton’s noble footsteps, and now offer trips to Canada (for wealthy Chinese) to hunt and kill polar bears.

As an aside, it is still quite legal and acceptable for Alaskan & Canadian natives to take polar bears, and the natives (at least in Canada) can then sell their licenses to visitors. The Canadian government charges $50CAN for a permit, and $750CAN for a polar bear trophy fee. What to go? Here’s one place that will help.

===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle


Gungate and Other Scandals

Operation Fast and Furious is now being joined by “Operation Castaway,” a project allegedly run from the Tampa, Florida ATF office and which arranged for large amounts of weapons to be delivered to MS13 gang members in Honduras. This article suggests that this was different from the Phoenix operation, and that “most” or “several” gun shipments were intercepted.

What was the point?

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Four Years Before the Internments

I wrote about Sun Yat Sen and Chiang Kai-shek recently. There is a grim incident that ties into the Japanese internments and Chiang Kai-shek that shaped the attitudes of millions for decades. It is STILL a sore spot in international relations.

It began when the Japanese decided to conquer large parts of China again in 1937, as they’d done many times. They assumed that this would be easy; experience had taught them that the Chinese put up little effective resistance. But there was a new opponent they had not counted on: Sun Yat Sen’s brilliant protegé, now a military commander of considerable ability.
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Sun Rise

Interesting, and some of this was new to me:

  • He really was born in the 60s, though not in the year indicated by the Hawaiian birth certificate.
  • His time in Asia formed an important part of his mindset.
  • But his time back in school in Hawaii led to the inarticulate young future leader receiving a prize for his English speaking ability.
  • The birth certificate was arranged for years later, but Hawaii was only happy to oblige.
  • He needed to show US birth in order to accomplish his political purposes in the States.
  • His worldwide travels as a youth led to him adopting a revolutionary mindset.
  • His first community organizing was not in the US, as it turns out. Not in the country of his birth.
  • That “revolution” made him famous, and propelled him to popular national leadership.
  • He had an odd notion of the role of constitutions; one that put him at odds with others: “A constitution is the machinery of control.”
  • Nevertheless, though he could not stay popular long once he took office, his skills as a national figurehead impressed the world.
  • On that birth certificate: No one had been able to uncover the deception, until he admitted it himself.
  • For, of course, he really wasn’t born in Hawaii.

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