Everyone Knows it’s Windy in the Arctic

The team of four men rowing in the Arctic has run into headwinds. Literally. They originally talked about making 100 kilometers on a good day (62 miles), and 40 kilometers on an average day. Two weeks into the voyage, it was clear that things weren’t going according to plan. And sometime in September, the melt season ends and ice begins building up quickly. Their total journey was expected to last until mid to late September. […]

One Ping Only

The MainstreamLastFirst rowers got stuck for a while, backtracking a bit over their previous path before shutting off their position transmitter again. About 28 hours later, they’ve turned it back on … for one ping only. They’ve made about 12 kilometers in the intervening period, but they are hoping for 40km per day average and 100km on good days in order to meet their goals. […]