Sometimes you have to. And I am naturally inclined in this direction.

First, let’s see what happened to this old English word over the years:

  • The first H got dropped.
  • The E got absorbed into the previous A.
  • The double H became a single one.
  • The AH was pronounced “ough” (as RAH was pronounced “rough”) so the spelling caught up to this pronunciation.
  • And finally, the AN ending was dropped.

So, the word that was originally pronounced something like “hlaeffan” wound up being spelled the way we do it now.

You have to laugh.

I’ve had a bit more hospital time, and an injury that is threatening to keep me out of the stand-up business. But I’m still here and I’ve got a really nifty powered wheelchair including a seat lift:

I miss my Lady, I’m fighting hard to get back more functionality, but I can frequently find occasions to laugh. I am hoping to be allowed to sit up more (because of some wounds in unhappy spots that are healing).

Despite challenges, I’m enjoying life. And I hope that this last bit is true of all of you, my friends. Remember that stress is not what happens to you, it is how you decide to react to what happens to you.

===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

  • Citizen Tom

    Good to see you online and laughing.

    Neat wheelchair! When I see one of those things I always think about how much I wanted a go-cart when I was a boy. Then I consider my parents never would have let me bring one into the house, and I have to grin. The way people can get around in those gizmos is slick.