I notice a number of new things politically that happened while I was out of it. First and foremost: “President Trump.”


Yes, I was tracking on election night, and I clearly remember one startling momemt. I had been following different states, and it seemed that Donald Trump had no chance because all of California’s 50+ electors would certainly go to Hillary, making his elector lead all to temporary. Then I realized that they had already called California for Hillary hours earlier — she was behind even with California counted. That was it; he was in. And hours later, even the media were forced to admit this.

President Trump began by doing many of the right things, though his wild-ass warrior habits with Twitter and off-hand pronouncements continue.  Other problems I will write about, but I am still hopeful.

Why Russia?

The Russia/Trump connection is constantly in the news, and the leftist media won’t let it go. Perhaps they understand why their masters want this pressure kept on: I’d bet that few of the news anchors and pundits understand.

Here is the reason: Trump must immediately cut a deal with Russia. And as long as the silly “investigations” bit continues, he’s hamstrung and cannot pursue that deal.
Lest this post get too long, let me try to briefly cover a bit of history and a bit of strategy.

A Brief History of Russia in the Middle East

Russia, and before it the Soviet Union, mastered game playing around the world to tilt power toward the federation, or at least away from the US. While many blamed the US for Saddam Hussein’s military capability, less than 1% of that hardware came from the United States. Instead, 57% of it came from the Soviets/Russians, and 13% from France with the balance spread between Germany and others.

Thus, on March 19th, 2003 — the night of “Shock and Awe” — we discovered that some of our massive rain of weapons into Baghdad’s military facilities was being redirected into civilian neighborhoods. How?

There was brand-new and very sophisticated hardware on the ground that scrambled the signals coming from the GPS satellites. This made the inbound weapons think that they were not quite in the right place, and adjusted courses as a result. Or that they were completely lost. In both cases, civilian neighborhoods tended to get destroyed rather than the originally targeted installations, and in some cases this was hoped for as Hussein’s hope to make the US look bad.

This new Russian hardware was being operated by Russian techs, on the ground in Iraq. By then, we had tracked by satellite as tens of thousands of truckloads of Iraqi military material were being brought by Russian trucks and crews from Iraq up into Syria. Much of the conventional military gear was left behind.

But Russia had been helping Iran gain nuclear material and technology for years by that time. They advised Iran to “cool it” after we moved into Iraq in 2003, perhaps to keep their own involvement hidden. Russia has generally preferred helping Shia rather than Sunni terrorists and supporter nations, as it was the Sunnis that sent their hotheads to Afghanistan and eventually defeated the Soviets there.

Now, Russia is comfortable acting openly as Iran’s air force, among other things, and is helping to solidify Iran’s power (and its own) in the Middle East. This includes supporting the Assad regime, for a number of reasons including petro pipelines and strategic access to key Middle East areas.

The Deal

Trump needs to cut a deal with the Russians that would involve less overt support for Iran, and better economic access to Europe along with many other perks we can offer. Putin could reasonably say, “What can you do for me more than Obama, who did everything I asked him for eight years?” But there are bargaining chips that would help Russia greatly, as it is on the verge of economic collapse.

This works especially well if Trump can improve European ties at the same time.

So, to prevent this (knowingly or not), the media and other Democrats must keep up their cynical and hypocritical anti-Russia hysteria. And thus Iran remains a military protectorate of Russia, stymieing other actions needed against that terrorist regime.

===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

  • Jim Lane

    Thanks for the spot-on analysis, Keith. IMHO, the leftist newsies are mostly told what to say and when to say it…if they want to keep their cushy, lucrative jobs. They’ve seen what happens to “talking heads” and other so-called pundits who go “off-message”, and they want to continue basking in the limelight—and 7+figure salaries—so they happily dance when their corporate (and Soros-fed) bosses pull their puppet strings. And they genuinely have no concern for the safety of the USA, since most of them live in walled, gated compounds, send their kids to guarded, private schools, and have their own cadre of security guards and chauffeurs. Their lives are good.