A commenter asked why the slaughter of blacks in South Carolina recently was not used for browbeating like the Orlando slaughter and all the others. Here was my reply:
The mass slaying of black churchgoers by Dylan Roof has indeed been used for browbeating, including multiple times in speeches by Barack Obama and by a great many leaders at the federal, state and local levels. But there are differences in general between the attacks of sociopathic/insane killers and jihadists, and they come into play here.

  • The attacks of madmen are not claimed by any mainstream authority. This was true of Roof as well; even groups that the public believed <i>would</i> support him, like the old Democrat group the KKK, disavowed Roof entirely. But mainstream Islam clerics, including the most influential one of all Sheik Yusuf al Qaradawi with his audience of 60 million radio listeners, do indeed support the killing of infidels and a number of them specifically mentioned this attack favorably.
    The attacks of madmen are rarely mass killings of blacks in America, or Muslims for that matter. Dylan Roof’s horrific act stands out here as it is such a rare occurrence.
  • There was a spate of mostly-black-church fires in the US south years ago, and a few in the wake of Roof’s slaughtering spree. But when several of these turned out to be set by blacks, either in an attempt to blame whites and claim victimhood or in settling some perceived beef with the church, these investigations stopped being published.

In much the same way, a number of the post-9/11 arson attacks upon Muslim store owners turned out to have been set by the Muslims themselves, using the occasion to collect insurance — and sympathy, which they knew they would get from a non-racist, non-grudge-holding America. So those investigations dropped off of the news cycle.

The more that Roof’s mass killing of blacks was talked about, the more it was realized by some folks just how rare this is. Can you name, off the top of your head, the last time a white man slaughtered a bunch of blacks in the US?

America is unquestionably the least racist country in the world, but it seems to suit some political dividers to play up rare situations as much as possible. This has been a tragedy for black youths today, who have been taught to stay clear of American society (including the concept of a two-parent family) and make their own culture, usually mimicking some aspect of Africa. In so doing, black leaders and others on the Left have condemned tens of millions of people to poverty in support of a great lie.

===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle