Some say Constitutional Conservatives should not vote for Trump in the general election. (By all means, vote for Cruz in all the remaining primaries!)

Are we Trumpish?

One reason given for not supporting Trump against Clinton is that he, as President, would damage the Republican brand. It seems to me that Trump’s effect upon the Republican brand is already there. Progressive media outlets are already using him to tar all Republicans as “Trumpish” — a package deal that they say includes misogyny, Islamophobia, homophobia, and racism as well as political (and general) ignorance. This overstates the case with regard to Trump, but is horrifically wrong about Constitutional conservatives.

These advisors also warn that the economy will crash under Trump, and we don’t want to get any of that on us. But why not oppose the destructive influence of tariffs and trade sanctions? We have a much better chance against Trump than against Clinton with a progressive Congress, no matter which party the progressives are in.

All we can do is to consistently distinguish ourselves from generic/progressive/Trumpish Republicans, and I think we’ve been striving in that direction. We can still vote for Trump, as he only might do the level of damage that Hillary is guaranteed to do.


This potential damage is particularly important in SCOTUS picks. I listen to a podcast called SCOTUScast (from the Federalist Society), which reviews each day’s cases selected to hear, oral arguments, and decisions (which means you hear about a given significant case at three stages of the process). Listening to what the judges are saying and doing about these cases provides a stark reminder of how fragile our governing system currently is, and how important the choices of nominee will be.

On this basis, it seems to me that we must support the Republican nominee. A third-party vote or a write-in of a better candidate such as Ted Cruz in the general election won’t get this job done. But at the same time, we need to keep promoting the message that we, as Constitutional Conservatives, are still part of the Republican party — but not the same as it.

This way, we can still work to increase our influence upon the GOP until we ultimately take it over. Look at the 2014 election! A lot of that was driven by disgust with the GOP. And those voters will be joined by people disgusted with Trump as well if he gets elected. And if he does not, we will present the best alternative to welcome them back in.


Why am I limiting this strategy to the general, and still talking about Cruz in the primaries? Because there is a current below the surface that is going to impact the GOP convention, and this would help that current to produce good effects. But after, and if, Trump becomes the official nominee, then all previous bets are off.

For now, we have many primaries including California to get through. Support Ted Cruz in those votes, as the only viable representative of Constitutional conservatives.


We must grow strong enough in Congress to insulate elected conservatives from the punishment of their chamber leaders — and we did this once by getting Boehner kicked out. If we can do this, then weak-kneed and disappointing conservatives such as Mia Love and Paul Ryan will be able to improve their votes and their own leadership without suffering the wrath of progressive Republicans.

Why do they disappoint us? Because if they voted the way they promised their constituents, they would be dis-appointed by their progressive leash-holders. We must give them slack this leash by taking that pull out of progressive hands. If the progressive Republicans developed some fear, or at least respect, for an ever-larger conservative caucus, this will happen.

And maybe other Republicans will improve as well, once we have a certain weight in Congress. We have half-a-dozen GOP representatives with worse voting records than Maxine Waters! We’ve got to fix that, and maybe with reduced pressure, even they can get up off the bottom — or at least raise where the bottom is.

===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

  • I’ve now read the Hoenig article.

    It seems to me that expecting anyone in media to “denounce” Hillary’s failed socialist policies is naive. They support Obama’s failed socialist policies and denounce Reagan’s economy as a failure now.

    This reason is thus not compelling for me. And in fact, Obama and his media blame every failure on leftover Bush effects. Hillary will still be pointing back to Bush. There is a tiny grain of truth to this, but those effects have long been supplanted by Democrat mandates.

    And in fact, both Obama and Clinton have blamed the current economic malaise on Reagan. So there is no world in which proper credit will be given to a free market economy; instead, we’ll have Krugman columns about how growth is bad, debt is good, dropping out of the workforce is cool, and things are wonderful now. Just like his current columns.

    ===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

  • Thanks. It is certainly not an easy choice.

    Some interesting comments are developing on the LJ cross-post. The LiveJournal link at upper right points to where most of the comment action takes place, and I have been privileged to have many thoughtful people take part in the discussions. Those posts aren’t even searchable, and is — yet the focus of activity remains over there.

    Thank you for the kind words, and best wishes to you.

    ===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

  • tannngl

    Jonathon Hoenig, who appears on FOX Business on weekends follows me on twitter. We’ve had some conversation-he is a huge Cruz supporter. Here’s an article he wrote about who he will vote for this November:

    Not to take away the surprise, Jonathon will vote for Hillary, not because they are any different but because when the 4 years are over and capitalism is irrevocably tattered and muddied by Trump’s brand of it in the White House, capitalism will never be returned to. IF it’s Hillary in the White House, at least we can say it was her brand of socialism that failed and return (mebbe) to capitalism.

    At first I was shocked at him. But the more I think about it…

    Anyhow, I’m waiting for the convention to make my decision. Even Cruz in his own words said that the next 4 years are going to be the worst our nation has ever seen.

    You are are brother conservative, dehavelle. And you’ve given me more to think about. After the GOP convention.