I was asked to address this question about the Muslim Brotherhood (“Ikhwan”) in another blog, and here’s the question and my reply:

<blockquote>Is it true The Muslim Brotherhood has extensive operations inside the government…?</blockquote>Yes.

The question divides into two portions: (a) Are Muslim organizations extensively influential over the US government?, and (b) Are those Muslim organizations fairly considered as part of the Muslim Brotherhood?

To (a), this is uncontroversial. And sadly, the integration of CAIR and ISNA and others into the government’s decisions is blatant and the result is troubling. CAIR (the Council on American Muslim Relations) and ISNA (the Islamic Society of North America) are regular invitees to the White House, are participants in various influential committees, and their demands are heeded.

This unfortunately began during the Bush administration, and was already beginning at the time of 9/11. Muslims demanded that the US government’s output (from military and intelligence training manuals to White House press releases) absolve Islam from blame and never mention it during discussions of jihadism — a word which they demanded not be used.

These demands were part of the discussion of Muslim leaders who were to meet with White House staffers on a date that could be considered bad timing: September 11, 2001. That meeting was delayed somewhat by the events of jihadists taking down the World Trade Center buildings and killing people in airliners and the Pentagon. But when Bush spoke about the attacks, he began by holding Islam blameless and praising it.

During the Obama administration, this practice of tiptoeing around Islam’s involvement in jihad was readily accepted and amplified, and the meetings with and participation of CAIR/ISNA and other Muslim leaders became ever larger. It is official US policy not to mention Islamic involvement in jihad, an absolutely absurd policy. As you’ve seen, various leaders from Obama on down now insist that the Islamic State is not Islamic.

As to Ikhwan’s involvement (“Ikhwan” is “brotherhood” in Arabic), CAIR and ISNA were founded by Ikhwan leaders, and the documents unearthed (during a raid about terrorism support) revealed that CAIR and ISNA and many others were specifically part of a plan to overturn the secular US government and replace it with sharia law. The revolving door between these organizations’ leaders and Ikhwan leadership is further evidence, as is the convicting of a number of those Muslim leaders on terrorism charges.

===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

  • The chance of that fix has dropped markedly, and sadly, in the last 48 hours. I know that you’re not quite in the same mode of thinking here, but Trump is very weak on immigration issues. He has learned to repeat sound bites about a wall, but everything about that issue has proven to be “negotiable.” And his own history of employing illegals and importing legal immigrants is troubling.

    More specifically about radical Islam, Trump’s famous comments about a Muslim freeze was explained as being very temporary. And Muslims already here make a larger voting bloc than the white supremacists that Trump had to think about before alienating. That voting bloc is, largely (and sadly again) in support of CAIR’s agenda — or at least is portrayed that way.

    I have zero confidence that Trump would find and expel Muslim Brotherhood folks from his administration (which includes tens of thousands of regulation-making bureaucrats).

    And, of course, Hillary Clinton (whose primary aide is one) panders to Muslim Brotherhood supporters. Huma Abedin worked for an MB organization, and both her parents were (and the living one still is) active officers in MB organizations. So are other members of her family. And Clinton (with her large help) was instrumental of pushing for Ikhwan’s involvement in Obama’s Cairo speech. They were a banned organization in Egypt — but the US forced Egypt to accept ten prominent MB members’ attendance as part of Obama coming to Cairo.

    ===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

  • It’s scary! It’s frightening! But is it fixable?