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How do you propose to repair the moral fiber of a people who engage in or allow a genocide of 56,000,000?

I completely agree that late-term abortions are horrific things, and inhuman treatment of baby humans. But I don’t equate this with the mass slaughters carried out by the Nazis or the Soviets or the Japanese or the Communist Chinese or the Belgians or the Turks or the Rwandans (or the jihadists’ current campaign against Christians and Jews).

The abortion issue is different; the direct participants have much to answer for but most are not direct participants. And while people always tend to rhetorically dehumanize their enemies, the genocidal groups’ spokespeople were not making the argument that the victims were literally not human. The “pro-choice” people say exactly that.

Thus, many who decide to abort their developing offspring do believe that these fetuses are not yet human. This is an issue of worldview, education, culture, propaganda to an extent — and can be changed.

But this is not the business of the federal government, it seems to me. Is it murder? Many argue for this, but even the penal codes for murder are not properly the province of the central federal government.

So let me answer your question as to what I propose:

  • Amend the Constitution to restore the limited government envisioned by the Framers.
  • As part of that, unwind the federal administrative apparatus replacing it with state and local sovereignty.
  • Rebuild the defense capabilities of the US, to reduce the chance of needing them.
  • Realign our foreign policy to oppose our foes and support our allies, unwaveringly.
  • Encourage the re-development of nuclear families, so much abused these days.
  • Encourage the development of responsible parenting, not this helicopter coddling.
  • Encourage the resurgence of patriotism, and of faith for those inclined.
  • Encourage the re-development of a work ethic, including pride in all sorts of work.
  • Encourage the development of charities to replace government handouts.
  • Encourage respect for the rule of law, including the borders of the nation.
  • Encourage the assimilation of all (not just immigrants!) into the American culture arising from all of the above.

These are not easy — but the problem currently is that none of these are even goals. Realizing these goals will solve our major problems, I believe.

===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle