Cruz Missiles 03: Deportations

Part of a series on the attacks on Ted Cruz by blogger Stefan Molyneux in the video “The Truth About Ted Cruz.”  This one deals with the issue of deportation of illegal immigrants already here.

Ted Cruz and Deportations

Here is the video portion of interest, at about 16:50 in. You may wish to back up a couple of minutes and listen to his commentary as he develops the points on the screen:


His refusing to discuss deportations during hostile interviews is understandable. The deportation aspect would immediately become the only topic of conversation, the sound bite for the news cycle, the “gotcha” used from that point on … and the rest of the real problems of immigration and border control could then be sidestepped by the media.

How do they do this? By consistently portraying deportation as both cruelly inhumane and logistically impossible.

Mission Impossible?

Is deportation logistically impossible? No, for several reasons:

First, it is something that we should be doing now. The Obama administration has bragged on several occasions that they are deporting more illegal aliens (not that they’d use that phrase) than Bush did. However, this is a semantic trick: They’ve virtually stopped regular deportations, while calling everyone that was turned away at the border a “deportation” just to run the numbers up.

And now, few are being turned away at the border; the new idea is that if you make it that far, you should be allowed in. No matter who you are or where you’re from. No matter if we cannot tell who you are or where you’re from.

Deporting How Many?

The number of illegal aliens currently in the country has almost universally been stated as 11 million. But this number has been the estimate for years, and other estimates range from 12 to 20 to 30 million illegals, or about one person in ten now in the country. Of course, larger numbers make the process of individually deporting them all the more daunting.

Simply doing what they were hired to do would start chipping away at the backlog of millions of illegals that need to go. For many of them, we know exactly where they are, and they came in on work visas which have since expired. Are we not to be allowed even to deport those?

But in 1954, Eisenhower’s “Operation Wetback” deported approximately a million illegal immigrants, and millions more left voluntarily, or “self-deported” as the phrase goes. Here’s some information on those events, told in a way to make Texas and the US look as bad as possible. Even NPR is less biased.

The media pundits have reacted in horror when Donald Trump made a reference to this operation. But it worked (and also involved replacing a bunch of corrupt civil servants at the border). Success deserves some attention. The program was shut down when several Mexicans literally jumped ship (on a vessel taking them back to Mexico) and drowned. Of course, hundreds have died in the desert getting here, and we can change the circumstances that allowed those folks to jump; the problem is solvable. But it’s not the only option.

Much more recently, Arizona enacted a law intended to deport illegal aliens directly who were picked up during traffic stops and other encounters. Obama objected, of course, and the law was quickly struck down by the US Supreme Court. But while it was in effect, some large number of illegal immigrants in Arizona (guessed at as between a hundred thousand and 2 million) “self-deported,” some to other states and some back to Mexico.

The poor economic conditions called the “Obama recovery” have also resulted in many illegals leaving to go back to their home countries. Some estimates have illegal immigration as a net negative in some recent years as a result.

What can we do?

If we actually enforced laws on the books, even with the tiny force we have for such enforcement and fully supporting and requiring e-Verify of all employers, hundreds of thousands or millions of illegal immigrants would depart on their own. The net result would be that legal immigrants and (mostly low-skilled) Americans, whose unemployment rates remain high, would now have the opportunity to work in newly vacated positions.

At the same time, the millions here (4 million at least, or about 40% of the illegal population) on expired visas would also get booted out. In many cases, a letter to them would accomplish the trick, as many would go home rather than risk being picked up.

Wages would increase as the labor market would be smaller without changing the need for labor. This is separate from deporting anyone by force. Ted Cruz is right not to stress the forced deportation, because it’s only part of this story. And if illegal immigrants deport themselves, this cannot be “inhumane” treatment.

Then there are criminals, which the Obama administration is releasing into the cities of America rather than deporting. This is absurd, and needs an immediate fix.

Between visa overstays, criminals, and those who would voluntarily leave based upon enforcement of e-Verify, much more than half of the current illegal population would be gone.

So why don’t we do these obvious things? Because, as many on the Left have noted, these aren’t just illegal immigrants, they are undocumented Democrats.

===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

  • Triciabee

    Undocumented Democrats, well that is certainly the truth! Well said Keith. Like I’ve mentioned before i’m not totally sold on Cruz yet but I would have no issues voting for him if he gets the nomination.