Killer Jesus?

Sam Harris, a well known anti-religious author and speaker, has asserted that Jesus commanded his followers to kill those who do not accept his rule. This would place Jesus in precisely the same position as Allah and Muhammad of Islam, as the Qur’an contains many verses to the effect that killing non-adherents is not just permissible, but a duty. But is the assertion about Jesus well founded? […]


From a discussion on Citizen Tom’s blog on the forms of government, I wrote a bit on of how the US Constitution was inspired and framed: There are conceptual hints in Scripture and remarks by Jesus on what forms of government are disfavored, but the Framers took inspiration from Aristotle. Many Enlightenment thinkers tended to downplay Aristotle, though the re-discovery of his works is one of the factors leading to the Enlightenment. But many of the Framers read Aristotle directly as well as earlier writers he inspired including Locke and de Montesquieu… […]


One very desirable benefit of the FairTax system — and not part of any “flat tax” — is anonymity. No government agency needs to be aware of your income, your transactions, or your assets. […]

Climate Science

Mogur commented on a previous post to the effect that this year’s increase in Arctic ice is not necessarily a refutation of global warming.

I’d agree: One year of uptrend in ice, even a few as we’ve now seen, is not even particularly indicative, let alone conclusive. But I do see evidence that there is […]

Ocean De’ath

Ocean acidification is a bugaboo that has been flogged recently since the pause made warming rather a non-issue.

They recently adjusted temperatures to “fix” the pause, but have not been able to adjust the global satellite temperature record, so the pause is still there. And people are growing weary of having every single bit of […]


This Arabic term refers to the act of declaring someone non-Muslim. It is thus similar to a death sentence, and has been used as such throughout Islamic history. When one group of Muslims decides that another group believes erroneously, they can pronounce takfir upon them and then they can be attacked and killed.This is important to Muslims, as the Qur’an contains clear instruction not to kill Muslims, and not to kill innocents: Sunnis and Shias and Salafis and Wahhabis and Qur’an-only and Ahmadis have all been treated this way from time to time, with Sunnis (as by far the most common) usually on the pronouncing side. It is, in effect, a sort of Obama/Clinton pronouncement: “That group has absolutely nothing to do with Islam!” Except… […]


Happy New Year! It’s here! And the challenge awaits With chances to change and to improve our fates To deepen our ties with our loved ones and friends To soften old enmities, make some amends… […]