Saturday Climate Draft

The new Paris climate deal is out. And it is likely to become “official.” They are touting that it will be “legally binding” and they expect approval.

Why would they expect this? Well, because:

  • It doesn’t get signed until April next year. (¶3)
  • It allows every single country to make up its own targets, and they have until next November to do so (although there’s a reference to a “report” on their target planning due by the signing ceremony in April).
  • And even those targets are temporary. They have until 2020 for a long-term plan. (¶23)
  • They have until November 2018 (¶58) to submit and recommend approval of a plan to raise at least $100 billion (¶54) in a plan to be committed to and implemented by 2025.
  • All they’re doing prior to 2025 is “urging” the parties to try really hard to reduce their emissions (¶106).
  • No individual cash or CO2 levels are called out in this document. And they’ve already planned to cut slack to the developing countries (flexibility, they call it in ¶90) in meeting goals that haven’t even been set yet.

Of course, the putative Paris Agreement launches lots of committees, work details, planning processes, and administrative mechanisms to keep the toadies at the trough for many years to come.

This is a farce. It is merely something they can say they accomplished, and call it the Paris Agreement while lining up to get paid.

If you can pick whatever easy goal you want, it makes it a lot easier to commit to the goal. And the only goals here are to promise to set goals in the future. It is an unenforceable agreement to agree. And that’s all they will be able to do. There is no plan B:


The only person foolish enough to commit to goals that would bring tremendous harm to his own country is President Obama. I’ll wager that others are counting on this. The “agreement” is so toothless that no serious climate advocate would be cheering it if they believed their own catastrophe story.

I’d also wager that very few of them actually believe that climate change is a real catastrophe. Instead, it is a real opportunity … to cash in, and to secure more power and prestige while knocking “arrogant America” down.

===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle