High Rise in Performance

This caught my eye. Computer chips have long been increasing in performance, but always seem to be on the edge of running out of how much further they could go. How small could the components be? How fast? How tightly can they be stacked? They’ve been pressed into ever-smaller surfaces at ever-higher densities.

But now a new technique promises to go from 2D chips to 3D:

High-rise chip

In Rebooting Computing, a special issue of the IEEE Computer journal, the team describes its new approach as Nano-Engineered Computing Systems Technology, or N3XT.

N3XT will break data bottlenecks by integrating processors and memory like floors in a skyscraper and by connecting these components with millions of “vias,” which play the role of tiny electronic elevators. The N3XT high-rise approach will move more data, much faster, using far less energy, than would be possible using low-rise circuits.

Sounds interesting indeed. Moore’s Law is perhaps not done yet, and of course there’s quantum computing in the pipeline.

===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle