The Paris Conference of the Parties is winding down. This was the absolute last chance to save the planet and prevent humans from being utterly extinguished. The politicians and media are telling us so, and governments and activists are paying scientists billions of dollars to tell us so, so it must be true, right? In fact, even the Pope has gotten in on the act, declaring that a failure to reach a deal will be a “catastrophe.” Except…that this is exactly what they all said the last time, and the time before that, and the time before that. Pope Francis adds a new Catholic socialist wrinkle, but the end of capitalism (along with the reduction of the “plague” of humans on the planet) has been a clear goal of the parties for years. If last year was the last possible year that the Earth could be saved, then this year is too late.

Of course, like all of the rest of the pronouncements about catastrophe, these have been exaggerated, wrong, or utterly false, and completely political in purpose. So now this year is Really, Really It.

The Stages

Over at Watts Up With That, the cartoonist Josh has amusingly portrayed the stages that each of these climate confabs goes through — in essence, the stages of denial:

The Climate Conference Ritual

Given the track record, we should be able to rest easy, unconcerned about the multi-trillion-dollar demands being made up the United States and, to a lesser extent, other “developed” nations to punish us. They should be able to trudge off, having spent many millions for the jaunt but otherwise having done little harm to the world’s economy and its citizens.

The New Element

But I am still concerned. We have a new element in play, a president who is willing to say anything and pay any price to reach a deal that he considers important to his legacy.

After all, speaking falsely for what he considers a good cause is habit with him (the selling of Obamacare first demonstrated this), hiding what is going on is natural for him (as dozens of transparency obstructions continue to show), and he has amply demonstrated that the other side in a deal he wants can simply walk all over him as Iran did. It is so bad that Obama crowed about achieving a deal with Iran that Iran publicly denounced and has yet to sign — although they are already reaping the rewards. Because they wanted it all, and Obama wanted to be able to say he had a deal.

Look to China

Earlier this year, China merely calculate what they were likely to do anyway, and got President Obama to agree to hamstring the US economy immediately in return for a vague promise that China’s rapid increases in CO2 production would peak “around 2030” and begin to taper off after that. There is no hard commitment on China’s side, no signed deal, not even a precise timeframe. “We only said ‘about’!”. But our president is already clobbering US jobs and economic performance based upon this flimsy arrangement.

Thus, my concern is that Obama will make, and spend the next year enforcing, a completely wrong-headed and unconstitutional deal at the Paris meeting. He’ll promise the Pacific Island nations billions of dollars (despite the fact that they are not sinking) and will have similar lagniappe going to the other “developing countries” while doing ever-more damage to the United States. And all utterly ineffectual for the ostensible purpose, and it will be done without hard commitments from anyone else of signficance. No matter, the damage to the United States will be quite real.

Stop it?

Can we stop this unconstitutional deal if it happens? We did not stop any other recent treaties or deals, and Obama has already promised to call this treaty something else and bypass Congress completely. No attempted actions have done anything, and despite noises made in Congress no one in the Republican establishment even has the guts to try. Ted Cruz did, which is why the establishment Republicans hate him and why Marco Rubio as well as the media and other Democrats fear him.

Obama has caved in on the Iran deal, failed to do anything of use with regard to Libya, ISIS, Syria, Iran, Russia, China, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Bahrain, Palestine or anywhere else that we used to be influential. We send huge amounts of money to the Palestine authority while they openly advocate, train, and reward terrorism. And these people are now the largest recipients of charitable aid per capita on the planet.

Dance partners

The new Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, has proven to be just as compliant as John Boehner, even if he looks more palatable doing it. I anticipated as much; Ryan was the one who cooperated with the Democrats on the disastrous budget deal of two years ago where he crowed about “savings” but neglected that these were based on supposed reductions to be made in future budgets. Which, of course, have not happened and will not happen.

The Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is useless as well. He lied to get re-elected, but was already doing private deals with Obama to give the president everything he wanted no matter the cost to future generations. He wants to keep playing, keep participating, keep dancing to stay in the Establishment.

McConnell and Ryan would rather be minority players under Hillary Clinton than a conservative like Ted Cruz. He would threaten their place at the establishment trough. So would Donald Trump.

And Obama knows that Ryan and McConnell will cooperate with him if it looks like Cruz or Trump might get the nomination. Obama should be a lame duck, powerless figurehead, but he has been allowed to threaten everyone and act lawlessly with impunity, and is backed by the establishment media from CNN to Fox. Fox is not necessarily pro-Obama, but they are certainly anti-Cruz and anti-Trump. The effect is similar.

For all of these reasons, I am expecting an increasingly desperate Obama to agree to anything the hungry third-world dictators and rent-seekers demand of him, just to say that he has a Deal. Then we will need to try to survive the result for the next year. And if Hillary gets in, hope will have essentially been killed by change.

A Convention to Propose Amendments may be all we have left.

===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle