There is a group of Muslims who would fairly qualify as moderate. They have their own Caliph, and they strongly advocate peaceful coexistence with non-Muslims and other sects of Islam. They really are tolerant, not just in conversations for the benefit of gullible Westerners, but even in Arabic. This is all good news.

The bad news is that they represent only about 13 million Muslims total, or less than one-tenth of one percent of Muslims worldwide. This sect, the Ahmadiyya Muslims, is considered to be apostate by Sunnis and Shias, which means in many Islamic countries they would be subject to flogging or execution.  Even in countries where they are reasonably well tolerated, such as Pakistan, they are not considered Muslims, not allowed to vote and essentially are under the whim of the current people in charge. Less moderate Muslims killed off 99 Ahmadis in Pakistan five years ago for being apostates, and tried to burn a whole building full of them last month. They are a recent innovation:

The sect was founded in India in 1889, by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani, referred to as Promised Messiah, who preached nonviolence and claimed to be the second coming of the Messiah. That belief set Ahmadis at odds with mainstream Muslims, who maintain that no messiah or prophet has succeeded Muhammad.

They are concentrated in Pakistan, Southeast Asia and Africa, with just 30,000 Ahmadis residing in the United States. In Southern California they have two mosques, one in Chino, the other in Hawthorne.

They preach love for all, hatred for none — not even Jews. As a result, they are under death threats by other Muslims and the Caliph is heavily guarded. Isn’t it sad what this says about Islam, that a call for moderation within the faith risks your very life?Ahmadi_slogan

Wrong About Islam

And yet, and yet … the leader of this group is still an apologist for Islam’s problems. He is referred to as His Holiness Khalifatul Masih V, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad (the first part is essentially “the Fifth Caliph” of the sect), and while he is quick to condemn all hate, he still preaches that the Qur’an forbids killing, forbids forced conversion of religion, and forbids punishment for leaving it. To do this, he has to ignore the doctrine of abrogation I have written of.

According to Islamic scholars believed by the 99.9% of Muslims (those who are not Ahmadis), the Fifth Caliph is simply wrong. The Qur’an said mild things early on, before Mohammad gained power, then its verses became fierce as Mohammad gained control and gained converts and conquests. The newer Medinah verses replaced or “abrogated” the older Meccan verses, as Allah evidently changed his mind and his rulings based on how powerful his prophet became. This strikes me as rather convenient for Mohammad.

What is confusing is that the verses are not arranged chronologically, but simply by length — from longest to shortest. Scholars have picked out which ones were early, and which late — and all agree that the fierce “sword verses” in the Qur’an are the ones now in effect. The 96th sura listed in the Qur’an has been determined to be the first one in time sequence, for example.

His Holiness must know that the “no compulsion in religion” quotes came before, and were replaced by, the “you must convert, be subjugated, or die” edicts issued by Mohammad later on.

Justifiable Homicide?

The Ahmadi Caliph also asserts that the cause of violent Islam is the “lack of justice in the world,” as if that excuses Islamic State’s and other jihadists’ rapes, beheadings, immolations, genocide, and crucifixions of innocents including children. That does not follow: “Gee, someone in Europe or America said something harsh about us, so let’s round up a bunch of local children and torture them to death after we get done raping them.”

The Ahmadi Caliph cannot point to anything that would make this action logical from an injustice standpoint. But the Islamic State Caliph can justify it from the Qur’an — and does. There are current verses in the Qur’an that make all of those actions acceptable in advancing the cause of Islamic domination.

Sadly, a far greater proportion of the world’s Muslims support the Islamic State than support the Ahmadi sect. And those denouncing the Islamic State (such as the Muslim Brotherhood) reveal that they are doing this generally for Western eyes. Privately (i.e., for Arabic consumption), the Muslim Brotherhood seem simply to be jealous of Islamic State’s success as a spin-off of the Muslim Brotherhood (as is al Qaida itself). That spin-off is no longer under MB control and dominance, and is creating certain public relations problems for them.

===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

  • Nobody could change anything about it during the time of The Crusades either when the entire evil ideology had to be stopped at the gates to Europe and .. thankfully .. ‘were’ stopped from their wild and violent spread. The current movement of the hordes are little more than a modernized and refined replay of those days and if things don’t change the world will come to understand that much the same measures of containment will be required again … to save civilization.

  • This is the only comment I see recently, and I got it. Islam has a set of problems, including the more-or-less direct nature of the revelations (by tradition, at least) making a re-crafting quite a challenge.

    ===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

  • Citizen Tom

    It would be great if that religion could be reformed, but the Koran makes that almost impossible. In fact, I fear the teachings of Islam very effectively appeal to our base nature. That is the problem with Islam, and that makes reform quite unlikely.