Access Denied

There is a story in the news about Muslims from the UK being denied entry to the United States, supposedly because of Donald Trump’s rhetoric. Poor Ajmal Masroor, featured in the story. There are things not mentioned, however…

The official story is that Ajmal Masroor is an “innocent Muslim” (as he calls himself) denied entry to the US “with no explanation.” Masroor is a well-known British imam that the UK media is quick to call on to absolve Islam of any blame after terrorist attacks.

But he is not exactly “innocent.” He is an outspoken defender of terrorist group Hamas and its leadership, and of terrorist parent group the Muslim Brotherhood. He is associated with terrorism financiers, and some of his history is gathered here.

Since the UK publications that mention him now have ready access to this history, one could be excused for wondering why they chose not to mention it.

But I have another question: Since this man is a jihadist apologist and Muslim Brotherhood promoter, why has he not yet been invited to the White House by kindred spirit President Obama?

And the original “family of 11” — two brothers and their children, off to visit another brother in San Bernardino — one of these “completely innocent” folks was kicked out of Israel and denied re-entry for some sort of altercation which was “blown out of proportion” — and the other brother (or his son of the same name) has a Facebook page with “links to terrorist websites” which the brother claims is “maybe hackers” or “a joke or something.” And the San Bernardino brother they were going to visit is a regular attendee at the same mosque that radicalized Syed Farooq — who worshiped there every single day. That mosque was founded by a Hamas/Muslim Brotherhood front group, and is still run by a founder. Even the Shia Muslims complain about the Saudi-funded extremism of these Sunni/Wahhabi mosques.

But the BBC quotes a Member of Parliament who thinks she knows that the poor innocent British family members were stopped simply because they were Muslims. “Nobody knows why these people were stopped. We do know what the common denominator is between them.”

Is the fact that they are Muslims the “only common denominator”? Almost all Muslims are not being stopped, and both of the cases in question have interesting histories.

===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle