High Rise in Performance

This caught my eye. Computer chips have long been increasing in performance, but always seem to be on the edge of running out of how much further they could go. How small could the components be? How fast? How tightly can they be stacked? They’ve been pressed into ever-smaller surfaces at ever-higher densities.

But now […]

Access Denied

There is a story in the news about Muslims from the UK being denied entry to the United States, supposedly because of Donald Trump’s rhetoric. There are things not mentioned in this story, however… […]


There is a group of Muslims who would fairly qualify as moderate. They have their own Caliph, and they strongly advocate peaceful coexistence with non-Muslims and other sects of Islam. They really are tolerant, not just in conversations for the benefit of gullible Westerners, but even in Arabic. This is all good news. But… […]

Christmas 2015 and Memories of my Lady Anne

Christmastime brings a gentle reflection Of my life with my dear Lady Anne It is clear upon any inspection Thanks to her, I was one lucky man […]


Moderate Islam is a phrase treated differently by different factions: […]

The Jihadist War

<a href=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I_To-cV94Bo”>This five-minute video</a> will give you a sense of how that spread came about. It also contrasts this against the Crusades, on the same map.



The “Paris Agreement” is the flimsiest of hoped-for agreements that might be reached years in the future for goals and performance that have not been even set, let alone agreed to. It has no enforcement mechanism, but this is no handicap because there is absolutely nothing to enforce. And even this vague set of hopes — it mentions 1.5°C, so it gets cheers from the media — hasn’t even been signed yet. They hope to get signatures by mid-2017, after (of course) many more expensive get-togethers of the Parties. And yet this deal is important. Dangerously so… […]

Saturday Climate Draft

The new Paris climate deal is out. And it is likely to become “official.” They are touting that it will be “legally binding” and they expect approval. Why would they expect this? Well, because… […]


The Paris Conference of the Parties is winding down. This was the absolute last chance to save the planet and prevent humans from being utterly extinguished. The politicians and media are telling us so, and governments and activists are paying scientists billions of dollars to tell us so, so it must be true, right? In […]


Limited-government conservatives are not in favor of eliminating public funding for education, an assertion made by a progressive over at Citizen Tom’s blog. Instead, like Citizen Tom, I’d like to see education revert to local control, and be supplemented with a voucher system.