Thanksgiving 2015

To all my friends here, old and new:
The best Thanksgiving Day to you!
Perhaps you’ll join the great repast
And then, recovering, will fast…

But some, less fortunate, can’t share
The bounty and the family fare
To all thus situated, know
That to you, too, my thoughts will go

More personally, my Lady’s loss
And walking’s gone — a lesser cost
But I will think of her and smile
Three wondrous decades — quite a while!

I picture her in my mind’s storage
She boosts me still, and she’d encourage
My striving on, to never quit
So I will make the best of it

Some friends here hail from far away
Thanksgiving’s not a special day
But know that, in your distant spots
You feature highly in my thoughts

The year has brought unhappy tricks
Economies, and politics
Place these aside now, if you could
And ponder all you have that’s good

The best “place” is, perhaps, within:
Such visits are where hopes begin
So, more than turkey, quail, or dove
Find peace, and joy, and friends, and love.

===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

  • JeffR

    Keith, you probably know that Earl Nightingale once taught would-be leaders that “Attitude” is the single most important secret to success. He taught that the world gives back to you a reflection of what you put into it. He compared it to the need to put wood INTO the stove if you want to get heat BACK in return.

    To me, you exemplify this wisdom.

    I hope you have a safe and calm Thanksgiving.