Led by the Obama administration, the West seems to be “outsourcing by default” in key areas:

We are not evidently competent enough in the arena of cyberwarfare to attack ISIS or defend against other enemies, so we now wait flaccidly while “Anonymous” does this work for us, and the FBI reports hopefully on their progress.

We no longer have the will or understanding of the world’s strategic situation to fight ISIS on the ground, so we have outsourced these battles to Russia and Iran — at our own later peril.

And we increasingly demand that law-abiding citizens be stripped of the ability to defend themselves, leaving criminals as the only ones who can defend citizens in a terrorist attack:



(Translated from the original Spanish by Google. Emphasis in the original.)

===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

  • I ran a programming shop for a third of a century. Having had a few of these folks working for me, and having seen more recently a fair amount of internal message traffic among them, I’d guess that generally they see ISIS as the target du jour. Tomorrow, it may be the FBI (again!). It doesn’t make all that much difference to most of them. They oppose Authority, and seek to demonstrate how powerless it really is to control them.

    ===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

  • JeffR

    Something occurred to over the weekend, after watching this Anonymous vs. ISIS cyber battle ramp up over the last week: Many of these Anonymous hackers are likely basement-apartment-dwelling misfit nerds, who NOW have a heroic motivation for being important to the effort to save the free world from the medieval barbarians. Some of them likely view this cyber war as their escape ticket off the Island of Misfit Toys, at long last. Do you have a feel for how real this epic cyber-battle is?
    – Jeff