Death to Normies (Updated 10/1/2015 9pm Pacific)

This post is about the horrific Oregon school shooter.

Update, 10/2 1am posted.

Update, 10/1 9pm:

Curiously, the “conservative Republican” part is suspect. Chris Harper Mercer described himself as “mixed race” and had two MySpace friends, one of whom was a young Los Angeles Muslim with apparent jihadist links. But the profile reporting that Harper was a “conservative, Republican” was evidently changed five times recently — after Harper was killed. Chiefio has some links on this.

Update, 10/1 8pm:

Apparently it was someone completely different, named Chris Harper-Mercer. He was identified as both “anti-religion” and “a conservative Republican.” It is the last point that will be hammered in the media, I expect. I wonder how the police knew the shooter was 20 years old this morning, but now it turns out that he was 26. And how he was from “the Midwest” this morning, but now recently moved to Oregon from Torrance, California.

The r9k thread (the top of which is screencapped below) hasn’t heard this news yet. They’re still applauding the original poster for his killings today. Hundreds of comments, almost exclusively egging him on beforehand and cheering afterward.

Quite independent of the murders, that thread is its own sort of tragedy.

Original post:

This phrase, “death to normies,” seems to have been central to the life of the Oregon school shooter. He styled himself as “egg white” or “eggman” on the /r9k/ forum (also called “Robot 9001” apparently, with forum members calling themselves “robots”). All of this was new to me today, including the surprising connection to the XKCD comic strip, whose founder apparently created the original /r9k/ forum script on Reddit.

A “normie” is apparently a young male who is reasonably well adjusted, and interacts appropriately with society. These /r9k/ people despise them.

The pathetic, sad little 20-year-old was something of an amateur musician, a boy full of great angst that he ultimately discharged by deciding that he was going to personally kill as many normies as possible. He’d previously put up videos with titles like “A Year Without Normies” and linked to a piece by someone else called “Death to All Normies” — and today, it seems that he decided to personally carry this out.

While it is legal to carry weapons in Oregon, it was specifically prohibited on this campus. And as the average age of students on this non-traditional campus was much higher than usual, there were some veterans on the campus who wanted to go stop the shooter, even unarmed. They were prevented from doing so. This “gun free zone” thus added substantially to the number of lives this creep could end or harm before the police finally arrived.

A sad business indeed, and my condolences to all affected by this miserable, evil wretch.

Update 10/1 4:15 pm:

According to the Daily Caller, the killer apparently posted a warning early this morning (about 1am Pacific time). It appears to be the same person:
Last warning
Here’s some info about the forum itself. Hardly authoritative, but of some use:


/r9k/ is a forum dedicated to anonymous sharing of personal anecdotes on the image board site 4chan. The /r9k/ community is most well-known for its greentext stories that antagonize social norms and celebrate singledom.


In 2008, /r9k/ was first introduced as an experimental forum powered by Robot9000, a special script programmed by xkcd artist Randall Munroe that would filter reposts from showing up. The purpose of the experiment was to see if a board could develop its own subculture if memes and copypasta were heavily discouraged. However, as the community evolved, the board transformed into a sharehub for greentext stories, or original anecdotes of social awkwardness or mishaps as told by users who refer to themselves as “robots.” On January 17th, 2011, /r9k/ was then deleted as it no longer served its original purpose[2], but on November 10th, the board[3] was resurrected, followed by the removal of the Robot9000 script altogether on July 30th, 2014.


The board is famous for its stories of social awkwardness and nostalgia of the simpler times, as well as discussion of abnormal social behaviour. It is heavily used by NEETs[4] (Not in Education, Employment, or Training) who regret their life decisions and hold anger and disdain over males with active social and sexual lifes. it also containts Constant discussions about relationships with females and family. Dispite all of this, the board holds heavy pride in its own nature, with heavy hate over normies or “Normalfags” who do not understand their culture as well as constant calls for a “Beta Uprising”. this has spawned different memes.

Spaghetti Stories

Spaghetti Stories refers to a series of greentext copypastas that recall socially awkward moments, mostly with females, that always end up with the protagonists having spaghetti falling out of his pockets, r9k consists of a lot of these stories.

“Heavy hate” indeed.

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