And finally, on wealth:

Does [a] man have the right to purse happiness through amassing his own wealth with no care for those less fortunate?



On to promiscuity:

Does [a] man have the right to pursue happiness through frequent intercourse with various partners?

Yes. You must convince him, and his partners, that this isn’t in his best interest. And you must do so without compulsion. But “an it harms no one” as the Pagan expression goes — in other words, […]


This one is trickier, as I have mixed feelings about the issue:



The “Conception post” was a follow-on to answering a series of questions posted at Citizen Tom’s blog. The questioner is a commenter who goes by the moniker “mastersamwise” — and he asked these questions:



I have some thoughts on “life begins at conception” definition:



Margaret Sanger has been in the news recently. And on Citizen Tom’s blog (which has a Virginia conservative focus) I commented to another Virginian who suggested that “her ideas on eugenics are ignored and disregarded because they are pure, racially motivated looniness.” I don’t think that’s true; the ideas are currently out of favor, and […]


I’m seeing a lot of leftists defending Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama by attacking Ronald Reagan. A typical parry goes “What about your boy Reagan who negotiated with terrorists?”

The first thing I’d observe about this is that…


Fiorina Foundation Fibs

A number of media and Internet sources are pouncing on the idea that Carly Fiorina personally funded Planned Parenthood:


Lithium Love

Very odd. A blog supposedly maintained by alleged Oregon shooter Chris Harper-Mercer writing as “Lithium_Love” doesn’t sound like the sort of person likely to commit such an atrocity. Nor does his writing seem to line up with Harper-Mercer’s background: a mixed-race 26-year-old born in England, had been in a school for students with “learning disabilities and emotional problems” (graduating in 2009), a major fan of the Irish Republican Army, with one of his two MySpace friends being a jihadist-connected Los Angeles Muslim. The friend, Mahmoud Ali Ehsani, has pictures of jihadists from many countries, and wrote in a caption on one of them: The Mujahideem of Palestine…My brothers and sisters keep on doing your thing. Allahu Akbar….my brave soldiers keep on fighting against Israel. F*ck Israel. Kill the Jews. jews are the only infidels Here is a bunch of captured images from Ehsani’s profile. Ehsani’s profile would be believable as a mass murderer, and so would the IRA fan Harper-Mercer. But… […]

Death to Normies (Updated 10/1/2015 9pm Pacific)

This post is about the horrific Oregon school shooter. […]