Citizen Tom is discussing family, illegal immigration, and governmental failures. Along the way, he asked, “Why have we chosen such people to lead us?”

I interpreted this to mean “What’s wrong with voters these days?” It seems to me that there are several factors:

  • A steady decline in US education, as a result of the combination of federal interference and teachers’ unions. Public sector unions, with government employees on both sides of the table, represent themselves rather than taxpayers. And teachers’ unions certainly do not represent the interests of the students, and are threatened by quality improvement initiatives … or at least, good ones.
  • An increasing willingness on the part of the establishment media to distort, falsify, and (most frequently) simply omit crucial information in order to produce a Left-favoring result. I have nominally conservative friends who get their news from establishment media and have thus very distorted views of politics, the US, and the world. This is in spite of their natural inclinations.
  • An ever-increasing proportion of the populace now dependent upon government handouts, a pattern that has resulted in families with seven generations who have never worked. These programs range from raw wealth-transfer schemes that have simply displaced charities from doing their jobs (leaving many non-profits now pursuing social activism instead) to poorly managed benefit funds like Social Security and pensions. A vote against the Establishment is seen to threaten this.
  • A tendency to shift the debate from “progressive versus conservative” to “establishment versus rogue” with all the establishment protection (including media favoritism) that this entails. Current congressional leaders, while nominally Republican, are clearly Establishment party operatives.
  • A general apathy toward and ignorance of government by most people, again circling back to the lack of education on civic issues including our founding documents, principles and virtues. Any number of YouTube videos bear sad testimony to this.

Despite all of this, national elections remain close. If we can fix some core issues, I think that the American people will do the right thing.

This notion is behind the idea of a Convention of the States, i.e., a “Convention for Proposing Amendments” as the Constitution calls it. This would, done correctly, reset certain principles back to a the Constitution founders’ concepts and allow the people to regain control.

I expect such a change to be fraught with risk … but perhaps not as much as our current direction. And if successful, this reset of power back to the states and to the people will lead to steady rise of America in the world, which will be good for its people and for the people of all countries.

===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

  • Citizen Tom

    Thanks for the link.

    A little learning is a dangerous thing;
    drink deep, or taste not the Pierian spring:
    there shallow draughts intoxicate the brain,
    and drinking largely sobers us again.

    — Alexander Pope (from =>

    I don’t disagree with any of the factors you cited. I would just include one which is suggested by your list but not specifically cited. As I indicated when I posted this link, (in one of the comments to the post you linked to), I think our nation is suffering from a severe failure in moral teaching and practice.

    We have no excuse for allowing politicians to assume a leadership role in the education of our children. Everyone knows we cannot and should not trust politicians. That’s true even with the abyssal state of our educational system, the corruption of the mass media, the large numbers receiving government handouts, and increasing apathy. Yet because its temptingly “free,” we have put politicians in charge of the education of our children. As a result, our society is in a dangerous state. Most voters know just enough to be dangerous.

    Because we are born as little beasts, education must be combined with proper moral indoctrination. We must taught to understand how and why our society came to be as it is. We must learned the challenges that our forebears had to overcome and what they learned when they faced those challenges. That can only happen when parents have educational choices in a competitive environment. When we give government a monopoly over education institutions and squelch competition, special interests (the highest bidders bribing politicians) end up controlling educational content. As might be expected, such people have little interest in improving the character of children.