Citizen Tom wrote a post about the Ferguson fiasco and the subsequent “searing” report, entitled “When Liars Refuse to Give Up.”

The commenter “scout” was confused about the word “liars” (among other things). I was not:It seems to me pretty obvious that the “liars” involved here are Obama and Holder, both of whom are well-documented liars. In Holder’s case, of course, this has risen to the level of perjury before Congress; Obama merely lies to nearly everyone nearly all the time. In fact, it would be interesting to learn if there is anyone on the planet with whom Obama is regularly truthful.

Both of these men jumped on the initial news of Michael Brown, assigned the worst possible interpretation to the events there in advance of the facts, insisted upon this interpretation even when the facts were revealed, and of course did the same thing afterward with Eric Garner and before with Trayvon Martin. In each case, lying for the narrative was more important to them than the advance of justice and the truth. And people’s lives have been destroyed as a result.

The report — I’ve read it — is troubling. The “racism” seems trivial; they document about one email per year, with the most recent being more than three years old, and none of it rises to the recent recorded chant in Oklahoma.

But the revenue focus is of far greater concern. The “disparate impact on African Americans” is harped upon, but not convincing. Nevertheless, the revenue focus as a driver for government activities is so pervasive, and so perverse, that it seems like a microcosm of the Obama administration. Such abuse should be ended.

The focus on this one town of allegedly excessive warrants seems unwarranted. The original case was not as Obama and Holder (and Sharpton, whom we did not elect) described in such radical terms. Eliding the business about “disparate impact,” much of which is almost certainly over-egged by this notably racist and dishonest administration, the practice of revenue generation is quite bad enough and seems sadly likely to be common. But it could be fixed without intentionally adding fuel to the fires of racism which are the goals of Obama and his inner circle.

In other words, Obama sent his henchmen looking for a scalp to enlarge and inflame the hostility of blacks toward police. They found bits, hyped them through anecdotal reporting, and laced all of this with “and it’s mostly against African Americans!” But all of this should have been done in a way that generates introspection and improvement, not merely infamy and international ire.

Thanks to Obama and Holder, we have the worst human rights abusers around the world gleefully lecturing the US because of Ferguson … for what is demonstrably a false narrative. But this “searing” report which was originally going to be into whether Darren Wilson violated Brown’s civil rights mentions Wilson only once, in a footnote. Cover documents don’t admit that the evidence supports Wilson, they say instead that the evidence was insufficient and too contradictory to prosecute him. And yet even the footnote promises more investigation against Wilson.

So, the narrative continues that the killers of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and Eric Garner have gotten away with murder. That narrative is wrong, poisonous, and promoted for the most cynical of motives.


(Edited to add: The “racism” aspect of the report is discussed here, with statistics rather badly undercutting the “disparate impact” arguments.)+

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