Worth it

On a MENSA forum today, one commenter asked if “satire is worth dying for.” Why insult a religion? We don’t need to do that, he suggests. Here is my reply:

The entire Western world is guilty of insult to Islam by merely existing, as the jihadists remind us daily. The only distinction is that so far, the jihadists do not have enough control to restrict us all. Not yet.

If we decide that we must not insult Islam, then we are ready to become part of the Caliphate. This “rare” killing of people for not being in compliance with Shari’ah law (through apostasy, blasphemy, or insult to the Prophet) happens every single day, and even the decision to leave Islam is a crime in every single country (more than 40) where Shari’ah law holds sway. It is a capital offense in half of them, and a de facto capital offense (being whipped until you change your mind, for example) in others.

Approximately half of the world’s 1.6 billion Muslims support Shari’a law, and from their position on various polls would support the satire of the Prophet being a serious crime (as it would be under Shari’ah). Some are for death, others for imprisonment or lashes, and probably only a hundred million or so would actually support the killing the way it was done.

Just a hundred million people.

It is not satire that is worth fighting for, it is freedom of speech and freedom of expression. This necessarily includes freedom of religion, and there is exactly one religion on that planet actively opposing all of this with deadly force, even against its own members that are not the right “flavor” of Islam.

If we cannot help moderate Muslims fight back against the extremists, then we can only await the extremists’ growing control over our lives. Even this very day, much of Western media has elected not to show cartoons that might offend jihadists, out of fear for their lives. But they have absolutely no problem showing (and bragging about) the “piss Christ” mentioned above and other offensive works. So it is not about giving offense, it is about fear of attack. They have surrendered.

The satire is in poor taste. So is much of modern media. But the underlying issue is one of life and death of Western freedom, and that, indeed, is worth fighting for.

==============/ Keith DeHavelle

  • Indeed; they just arrested someone in the UK for giving a speech quoting Winston Churchill — because that speech was deemed potentially offensive to Muslims.

    A recent crime report shows that such arrests are rising sharply, now that new “public order” offenses have been made actionable. This report says that crimes against Muslims are up dramatically, but I suspect that this “crimes” bar has been lowered with the new infractions. They are quick to report the race and religion of those offended — but nowhere in the report does it report race or religion of the criminal offenders.

    David Irving is disgusting, frankly. So are the folks at Charlie Hebdo. But this is not cause to throw them in jail, or have them murdered. One curiosity is the alignment of Irving supporters with the Hebdo attackers … but that’s a different issue.

    ==============/ Keith DeHavelle

  • The message would be cleaner if no one was in prison in Britain and the EU for simply questioning aspects of the Jewish holocaust narrative .